Recently, Theory Interactive announced Reset, a single-player and co-op puzzle solving game. Developers stated the game consists of puzzles that involve time patterns, in which you can accomplish by yourself, with yourself. But this game has a whole lot more to offer. The developers are working into every little detail into making a game into true art. With Reset, the game will strongly emphasize on story, atmosphere, and environment. With a custom game engine, their intentions are to work with real time condensation, rainfall, cloud cover, etc. Developers mentioned budget films such as "Moon" and "Cube" for inspiration. Although no gameplay or screenshots have been released, the company is focusing on creating a beautiful looking game that reflects the same for its story. The trailer is made entirely from in-game graphics. Music will be setting the tone of the game, delivering certain moods to the player and the world they inhabit. Theory Interactive is setting the bar higher for games, and look more to the delivery of impact from the game emotionally, rather than revenue. It's time to let the game industry take its turn. No more of the same sixty dollar titles that are re-released every year or so. Technology is growing and innovation is growing. We are getting smarter, so let the games get smarter. And Reset is shaping up to be something totally unique... No word on a release date just yet, but the game is being developed for PC. Let's only hope, Theory Interactive sticks to their guns.


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That trailer looked amazing. I have no idea what to expect from the 'game', but I'm intrigued.

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