Razer Orca Quick Review

Razer Orca

Driver: 40mm neodymium
Freq. Response: 15 Hz – 21 KHz
Connector: Gold plated 3.5 mm jack
+Braided Cable w/ Extension

 The Razer Orca's are stereo gaming/music headphones. The drivers deliver a great range to both music and games when used correctly(sound card/ sound software). The clarity is crystal clear and the bass sounds nice and deep without distortion. You'll most definitely hear your enemies walking around the corner or crawling in the grass. The headphones themselves stand out with their vibrant green color that will most likely turn some heads. The ear cushions sit over the ear and are made from a very soft, replaceable velvet. The sides are adjustable to various sized heads, large or small, and can be worn for hours without being uncomfortable. I've only been using them for a week and already love them, as well as the cheap price. (*Note: They sell for $10 cheaper on Newegg) If you're looking for a new pair of great headphones, don't hesitate to buy these.

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The cheapest pair of these I found was on this site http://www.electronics-emporium.com/products/Razer-Orca-Gaming-and-Music-Headphones-%252d%252d-3OQDO00400B7BT01.html

I would use Amazon they're around $55, looks like great headphones though.

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