WikiGameGuides $20 Fantasy Football League Signups

Signups are now open for our $20 Fantasy Football league!

This is NOT the Pickem League! That will continue to be free. Get more info about the Pigskin Pickem here.



UPDATE: Signups closed! All 12 spots are filled.



Sunday, September 2nd at 10PM EST. Snake draft, order will be assigned randomly (by ESPN, not me) 1 hour before the draft.



Standard PPR scoring and team setup. Full breakdown of settings here: League Settings



Currently, it's set to 12. I will increase this up to 14 or 16 if we get enough signups, but I don't want to do more than 16 in a single league. If I get a lot more signups than I'm currently expecting, I will create a second league, same settings & draft time, that Dan and I will both participate in as well. 



This is assuming 12 signups.

1st: $165
2nd: $55 
3rd: $20 (Money Back)



This is my first time setting up a paid WGG fantasy football league, so if I am overlooking something, please let me know.

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UPDATE: 3 hours after this post went online, 7 users have signed up and paid. Spots are going quickly!

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keep us updated on the number of players in the league, i dont want to do more than 12 teams. 

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UPDATE: 11 people signed up so far

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