Top 5: Favorite video game franchises

Since I haven't posted a top in a while, I'd thought I'd come up with this.


My favorite franchises are:

5. Gears of War

4. Halo

3. Rainbow Six

2. Final Fantasy

1. Battlefield.

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Just letting you know, there's a thread about this topic on the site already (You even posted in it.):

I'll repost my favorites anyway.

5. Halo - Although the first Call of Duty introduced me to multiplayer in general, Halo is what really got me into console multiplayer. I played a decent amount of Halo 2, but Halo 3 is the game that really piqued my interest. With the addition of Forge and numerous options for custom game modes, I could play for hours and never do the same thing twice.

4. Assassin's Creed - The first game didn't sell me on the series. I loved the story and time period, but I could not get over the repetitive gameplay. When Assassin's Creed II came along, I had my doubts. Fortunately, Ubisoft listened to the fans on this one and improved the game in nearly every aspect. The plot, environments, and gameplay gave me reason to come back and play even after I finished the main story. The excellent multiplayer in Brotherhood also made this franchise an easy choice for my Top 5.

3. Gears of War - This franchise isn't exactly the most unanimously liked throughout the gaming community. There's something about the simplicity of the story and characters that I genuinely enjoy though. When Gears 1 released, it gave gamers justification to play something else besides Halo 2 online. This isn't a game you could just pick up and play however. It took skill to get your kills. Some argue the campaign was rather short, but I feel it was just the right length without overstaying its welcome. Too much of a good thing, huh? Gears 2's launch wasn't the most graceful on the other hand. Numerous accounts of lag made the game unplayable online (I never had connection issues so I can't comment), and the campaign felt a little drawn out, but Gears 3 looks to improve on everything thus far, knock on wood, and is easily my most anticipated game of 2011.

2. Metal Gear Solid - The original game on Playstation has helped saturate the market with a number of sequels, comics/books, and other swag. The series has it all in my opinion, a deep story (Yes the plot makes sense if you've played all the games), atmosphere, likeable characters, epic boss fights, and the choice to let you play how you want to play. How many other games can you name in which you can complete the whole campaign without killing a single enemy? Even though some gamers are crying foul that MGS: Rising will feature Raiden instead of Solid Snake or Big Boss as the main protagonist, I'm particularly interested in seeing what Hideo Kojima has in store for the franchise.

1. Half-Life - Even though Gears of War 3 is my most anticipated game of this year, Half-Life 2: Episode 3/Half-Life 3 is undoubtedly my most anticipated release period. With the launch of Half-Life 2, gamers were given bragging rights for owning that $5000 PC. A lengthy campaign, intelligent AI, great graphics, satisfying puzzles and physics, and great set-piece moments all contributed to its 30+ Game of the Year awards. With each new installment, the Valve developers have become masters of cliffhangers. Can you watch all the endings and honestly say you knew where the story was going from there? If you say yes, you're full of crap, and are only doing so out of hindsight.

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My Current 5 are:

5. Total War series

4. Sonic

3. Mass effect 

2. Pokemon

1. Halo series

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(5) Assassin's Creed (4) Mass Effect (3) Grand Theft Auto (2) Left 4 Dead (1) Halo

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5. Gran Turismo

4. Tekken

3. Grand Theft Auto

2. Final Fantasy

1. Metal Gear Solid

and obviously NBA elite if it counts as its own franchise/game

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5 resistance

4 pokemon

3 call of duty

2 uncharted

1 grand theft auto

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5. Rainbow Six - only ubisoft franchise that I enjoy. Ironically, its also the only one they won't develope anymore.

4. Mass Effect - can't beat my other 3, but it has a special place because it's so damn good.

3. Battlefield - best multiplayer series, enjoyed all but 2142 since Battlefield 2.

2. Halo - wanted to see a sequel to Halo 3, but all my hopes have died along with Bungie producing it.

1. Gears of War - have high hopes for Gears 3, depends though on whether or not Epic care about making a good game opposed to a game that sells well. Usually those are a same game, but some games sell well while others sell great.

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5. dead space

4. gears of war

3. halo

2. left 4 dead

1. battlefield

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