PSN hack lets users unban themselves, and to ban others.


This article completely changed my decision to purchase a PS3 without question. Especially the fact you can delete other users and then unban yourself is completely stupid and immature in every way. Sony, fuck you. Have a good day Sony.

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I'm sure you didn't want a PS3 in the first place you Xbot. Have fun with Gears 3 because that's your only game

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Wait...How is this Sony's fault?!

For the record, I'm calling serious, serious bullshit on the hackers here.

I've been taught database and network security for years and security breaches aren't caused by a simple piece of software on a user machine. That would actually involve keylogging or phishing a mod's log-in details, which in and of itself is a ridiculous possibility, then they would have to login rapidly and hope that the mod's anti-virus hasn't detected the keylogger and requested a password change. Alternatively, they would have to give themselves mod rights on the PSN databases to actually ban people, how they would go about that is anyone's guess since you probably won't be able to access that kind of utility from an external source. Bans and warnings will be distributed through a centre in a Sony office somewhere when a moderator has requested one, not by the mods themselves.

Ultimately, this is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in the world of computer security recently, hacking is not some sort of magic. Plus 90% of attacks on the system are internal rather than external.

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This looks like one of those rumors just floating and someone catches wind about it. And besides Razzler just denied that article.

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Actually this isn't a rumor. If anyone remembers Geohot, you'll know what he did.

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I don't see any video proof at all stating that this actually works. Geohot only gave out the kit and access codes that allow access to the CPU and memory functions of the PS3, he never gave out anything that would compromise the functionality of PSN. If that was the case, then why hasn't XBL also been seeing stuff like this when the 360 has been hacked for most of it's lifespan?

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If that was the case, then why hasn't XBL also been seeing stuff like this when the 360 has been hacked for most of it's lifespan?

It's pretty easy to unban a modded console on the 360. Never heard of banning other peoples consoles though.

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For many years Sony probably felt untouchable... now they're pushed into a corner..

Can't say I feel sorry for them.

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