Weekend Short-Takes: 9/20/13

EA's new boss vows cost management will "feature prominently"


Simon Wu:

I want to seize upon a particular phrase that was used by Mr. Wilson: “We are working to fail as fast as possible...” Ok, yeah, that can quite easily be taken out of context to mean rather stupid things. But it signals to me a remarkable movement and acknowledgment that new content and fresh ideas are going to be promoted, and that we will see more churn as ideas are thrown out and those that don’t stick are wound down quickly while the few standouts are more fully realized. This new approach, combined with a stated refocus on the consumer, can be exactly the cost management that Mr. Wilson is looking for, and he need look no further than the current gangbuster hit, GTA V. No convention attendance, very little hype from Rockstar, and the game marketing itself like nothing before it. Making honestly good and anticipated titles will kill ballooning ad budgets in their tracks.

Max Gruber:

Considering how much stigma is attached to EA, what with the whole “World’s Worst Company in America” title that they’ve won twice in a row, I don’t know if that’ll be shaken off in the future with this new leadership. They are coming up with these interesting titles like Titanfall, Star Wars: Battlefront, and the Mirrors Edge reboot, but how long will it be until they really realize that their customers are just slowly going to abandon them in the long run? I’ve seen, and even met, a great many people say that they’ve boycotted EA by not purchasing anything from them—much in the same way that many people boycott CoD by not purchasing any games under it.


Valve: Linux is "the Future of Gaming", teases new hardware announcements


Simon Wu:

Linux... the future of gaming. I see. Well, while Valve has us on the last millimeter of our seats at this point, what with the near constant leaks and hints of Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 floating around, not to mention the enormous tease that is Big Picture Mode, why not just relieve our straining quads and give us the Steambox at long last. Again, last we heard on this front, we were working with a tiny box that had extremely modular components, cost about $1000, and was basically a very small gaming PC. Will we see a more skinned and customized, and perhaps limited, OS on board, a la Android? (bearing in mind Gabe N.’s hatred of the more locked in Windows 8) Or will it be the full potential of Linux unchained that tinkerers and open source nuts have come to worship?

Max Gruber:

Could this be the “Piston” Steam console that was leaked a while back? If that’s the case, we’ll have a fourth next-gen console coming soon. I do question, however, the timing of the announcement, since it’s being revealed during the tidal wave of the PS4 and Xbox One news. By that point, people already have a firm grasp of what the two consoles have and can do, and have probably pre-ordered one or both of them already. But, interestingly enough, they have teased three things in the upcoming week, so who knows wh–Wait. They’re teasing three things. HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!!!


PS4 will support video capture via HDMI


Simon Wu:

This is a step towards parity for the PS4, particularly for those who constantly need to capture game footage from the console. This marks another step in the trend away from proprietary technology, bespoke to one company, which Sony has been a guilty party to extraordinarily often. It is also part of a wider industry trend to focus on compatibility and ease of use by adhering to a group of core common formats and jacks. As streaming becomes more and more widespread, and the phenomenons of Let’s Plays and video walkthroughs continue to see explosive growth, Sony needed to cater to these individuals by adhering to the new cable standard. Hmm, I wonder if I know anybody who does that...

Max Gruber:

This is yet another step forward for Sony. Allowing the use of HDMI to record footage on the console is a definite plus for a lot of people who remember the pain of recording on the PS3 and its HDCP output compared to the 360’s HDMI output. However, as great as it sounds, it will only be available in a post-launch patch, so that option won’t be readily available to you on launch.

Solifluktion's picture

Linux the Future of Gaming. If only. The only reason I constantly switch back to Windows are games so eliminating this need would certainly be great for me.

However even if future Games all get a Linuxrelease this doesn't change the fact that older games for the most part can only be run via Wine. But hell, even the option to play my games natively on Linux would be awesome to have.

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