Weekend Short-Takes: 10/25/13

Titanfall falls on March 11th, 2014


Simon Wu:

Now that The Crew and Watch_Dogs have officially been pushed back to sometime around spring 2014, and also now that the Destiny beta was announced to be in early 2014, it looks like this spring is shaping up to be pretty momentous indeed. This means we now have a major contender from each of the three major publishers (Activision, EA, Ubisoft) coming in the same timeframe. All of these titles also have a lot riding on them: this is Respawn Entertainment’s first title, and they’ll be hoping to prove that the spark that made Call of Duty isn’t gone. Ubisoft will be majorly pressed to deliver, having delayed their titles, and Destiny is Bungie’s first attempt beyond Halo.

Max Gruber:

So, the time has come. Titanfall is now given a release date, and the future of multiplayer is coming. Given the amount of hype surrounding the title, I am not surprised that people are going to be excited when this comes out. Interestingly though, as discussed in the article below, it’s not exclusive to the Xbox, as it’s also coming out on PC, so there is a possibility that it could come out on the PS3 & 4, but the logistics aren’t known yet as to whether it will come out or not. Consider it a guarantee that it will come out on Sony’s platforms.


Major Nelson: We think [Titanfall] will come to PS4


Simon Wu:

Sure. Major Nelson knows exactly, but for pretty obvious corporate reasons he doesn’t want to play his hand early. Of course it would be best for him to frame it in uncertain terms, because that would help people who are on the fence jump over. If he said it would come eventually but Xbox One would still be first, then people might be inclined to wait. He knows because Microsoft and EA earlier this year signed a strategic partnership deal for Xbox One, and the exclusivity for some time of this game is undoubtedly a part of that agreement.

Max Gruber:

I would not be surprised if Titanfall is released as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, seeing as it’s currently only available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. But, my problem with that is, we’re seeing less and less exclusivity, and more and more third-party titles. It doesn’t make sense for EA to release it on two platforms for the same manufacturer, seeing as they have upcoming titles that are leaning towards the PlayStation. Look back at the PlayStation’s exclusive titles. How many of those games were exclusive to the PlayStation? How many of those titles are still exclusive to Sony’s platform? Very few, because they weren’t published under Sony. They lose out on money if they release it on one console, as opposed to releasing it on all three platforms.


PS4 Day One Patch Detailed by Sony


Simon Wu:

Just one more level of parity between the two consoles. I remember a few weeks ago people were railing against the Xbox One day one patch and noting the PS4 didn’t have one. But, that patch was kind of the thing that was going to remove the always-online restrictions and such that they demanded. Also, it’s a simple fact of life. Things are going to change and improve in the four months between when the unit is finalized and sent to manufacturing, and the release date itself. Seriously.

Max Gruber:

The notes of the update are really interesting—and equally strange. For one, the update is required to play multiplayer matches, because it allows for the ability to play games while they are downloading, and to use the new party chat system. In addition, the download itself is 300MBs, so it’s not going to take two minutes to finish. Additionally, you obviously need to be connected to the internet in order for the download to occur, meaning that when the PS4 launches to millions of people attempting to play on their brand new console, it could mean that the service itself will be slowed down, because of the massive influx of people attempting to use it. Thankfully, the PS4 is an offline device, unlike an unpatched Xbox One, where you must be connected to even install the update.

Sony: 24 PS4 exclusives in development


Simon Wu:

Wait, Max, what did you say about exclusives? It seems like the exclusives are here to stay just a bit longer. But it remains to be seen whether this exclusives bonanza (remember, Microsoft is plowing a cool $1 billion into exclusives) is merely to get the consoles going, or whether it’s the start of a new initiative to create differentiation in two pretty comparable systems (as seen in the above article). One thing is for sure: despite the money and effort in so many exclusives, the selection of launch titles for both consoles is relatively thin.

Max Gruber:

Ha ha ha, Simon. These are a lot of exclusives coming for the PS4. We already know a few that are coming out, like The Order: 1886, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and a couple of others. Even though the current exclusives are a bit underwhelming, I’m still excited about the future of the PS4.


Solifluktion's picture

I for one welcome more multiplattform titles. It always annoys me when I get psyched for a game in early development just to find out that it will be a console-exclusive (I'm looking at you Rockstar).

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