Weekend Short-Takes: 10/18/13

Watch Dogs delayed to Spring 2014


Simon Wu:

I don’t claim to know the reasoning behind this, but being a little bit cynical, I think that Ubisoft sees that everyone might jump to Watch_Dogs, play it for a bit, beat it, then return immediately to the engrossing and utterly dominant force in gaming right now that is GTA V. There simply is no room for anything else at the moment, except maybe Call of Duty. Moreover, Ubisoft already has something else coming out this fall, AC4, so no need to have two games, much less the one you hope will be your new consistent cash stream, get lost in this current release cycle. The same goes with the similarly delayed The Crew. What this does do at the moment, though, is trim the consoles’ launch titles of a big name, in addition to forcing some very awkward conversations with console makers and retailers over promised bundles.

Max Gruber:

Well now. This caught me completely by surprise. I did not expect Ubisoft to delay their marquee title that they were planning on releasing at the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. But now that it’s been delayed to Spring of 2014, the herald of the next-gen consoles is going to be taken up by someone else. Interestingly, their stock plummeted by 24% after this bit of news was announced to the public (they went from $11.03/share on Oct. 15th, to $7.70/share the following day).


Microsoft: Xbox One and PC cross platform play makes sense


Simon Wu:

My eyebrow is raised. Not because I doubt the veracity of Microsoft’s claims. Certainly the move on the back end to make the Xbox One’s architecture share the Windows 8 core, and the compatibility of the controller with PCs were deliberate decisions taken in this regard. But if we look at the current “Xbox for Windows” offerings, one will find only casual games, most if not all of them optimized for tablet use. This does not mean, however, that hardcore games by Microsoft can’t happen, and they might once the One is released. The question then is whether the games will only be ones that can be cross-platform tethered, or whether the PC store will take a life of its own again.

Max Gruber:

It certainly makes sense, but I think the stigma of the Games for Windows Live initiative might take a toll on the idea. But, if the idea does take off, could we finally see true cross-platform gameplay, since the PS3 and 4 can play with people on PCs, while the Xbox One could move in that direction? I think the PC will be a sort of catalyst for the cross-platform feature, because if it was cross-platform with the PS4 and Xbox One, neither side would be willing to budge with that idea. But, if it was cross-platform between Xbox One>PC>PS4 and vice versa, it would make a lot of sense for cross-platform to finally be realized.


Mass Effect 4 Unlikely to Relate to Shepard 'At All'


Simon Wu:

There’s two directions Bioware can now take this. I would prefer they find another predetermined protagonist, whose name is given. It does make things significantly less stilted and awkward in what’s supposed to be a super-immersive RPG when characters refer to you as Shepard if they know you well, rather than just “Commander’, if it weren’t specified. It also allows the developer to tell a little bit more of the story they want, rather than having to open it up more. That being said, they did Dragon Age, and the idea of playing as other races is most definitely out there...

Max Gruber:

Who said on the podcast that Shepard would not be in Mass Effect 4? This guy, right here. I do think it’ll will be really interesting to see how they go about that, since Shepard is extremely iconic for being a character with multiple faces and personalities. Does this mean that they’ll have to create another customizable Shepard, or are they going to continue to genericize the brand more and more?

Play PS4 at Select Retailers Starting Today

Simon Wu:

This is better than when I went to the Microsoft Store last week and could only see the Xbox One in a giant glass box. I am itching to try out the features, and especially the new Dashboard software, to see for myself how quick the multitasking and switching is in a non-press conference environment. It can only help as we get closer to both release date and the holiday season for people to actually try out the features they’ve been promised for so long.

Max Gruber:

I would have gone out and tried one out for myself, but sadly, the retailers that were close by to where I’m at did not have a PS4 for use. I do like how they’re going out of their way to give people a hands on with the device, since it gives people a great first look at the device, as well as seeing the games that will launch for it. If I do find a store that has one on display, I am going to go to town on that machine for as long as possible.


Solifluktion's picture

No relation to Shepard.....Here's hoping for the First Contact War. I want to play a Turian.

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