Weekend Short-Takes: 10/11/13

Xbox One DVR automatically records gameplay when an achievement is unlocked


Max Gruber:

DVR for achievements sounds like an interesting idea, but the time in which the device records the footage seems to make it less practical, since it only records ten seconds of footage prior to the achievement unlocking. I would think a capture card would serve a better purpose than this. What if the achievement was a really long one that requires multiple steps to complete? What if it’s an achievement that requires you to collect X number of Y item? I don’t think the ten second recording would be that useful.

John Fenix:

I think this is a good idea, especially for those who capture highlights or create achievement guides. I agree with Max that having only the last 10 seconds affects some of the long-duration kinds, or collection kinds, or hidden, higher-tier multiple-step achievements. Perhaps developers will have the opportunity to allow adjustment for length of background recording, in considering these type of achievements, as well as having use of the One’s Upload Studio software when planning to tackle one of these long-term achievements. For the flood of achievement guides that will come from this, well, that’s up to your interpretation.


DualShock 4 Will be Compatible With PC at Launch


Max Gruber:

Now this is a good sign of things to come. Before, if you wanted to play a game on a PC with a PS3 controller, you had to needed to have software up that allowed you to run that game with that controller—I can’t think of the name off the top of my head. But, what I’m more interested in is how some of the features on the DualShock 4 controller would work with your PC, like the touchpad, Move bar, etc., since they probably only work with the PlayStation 4. I don’t really see myself using the Move bar while I’m playing Dota or League of Legends on my desktop PC.

John Fenix:

Well, it is nice to see another controller being compatible with PC, as I often play a number of PC games with my Xbox 360 controller. Max does raise some points that some features might not translate to the PC (The 360 jewel has no real use when I use it on PC), but I can definitely see the touchpad as substituting as a quick and dirty mouse when needed in a game.


Square Enix Announces Collective Crowdfunding Initiative


Max Gruber:

I like that they’re getting into crowdfunding, but some of the decisions that they’ve made are... questionable. If people want to make a game using the assets from Square Enix, it can only be games that Eidos made, i.e. Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Thief, Legacy of Cain, Hitman, etc. But, you know what’s funny thing about this? They were responsible for the release of Final Fantasy VII for the PC in 1997, so I’m sure people will be begging for an HD remake of the legendary game from them. We might even see a lot more publishers open to the idea of starting a Kickstarter to work on a project.

John Fenix:

While I am glad to see such a large developer/publisher decide to give this a go, and I am sure there are several remakes that people want to see and old IPs return, the one thing I think is important to focus on is that developers now have a more direct way of getting attention for their own projects. Very often I have seen from the crowdsourcing games, even ones that are successful, take quite awhile before even reaching the attention of top-tier studios, who can give them the attention and spread some of these games deserve (I am aware that this is not every game that gets crowdfunded and some are very happy in the positions they are). With Square Enix having a more direct influence in this project, indie developers have a better chance of not only getting noticed but also having the resources to further craft and perfect their version.


GTA 5 Reportedly Coming to PC Early Next Year


Max Gruber:

No surprise right there. Given how successful GTA V is, I would not be surprised if they port it to the PC. It just makes the most sense to release it on the platform where a great many people will play it on.

John Fenix:

This week, in news that should shock nobody, GTA 5 will be arriving on PC for those who do not remember Rockstar’s policy of bringing their games to PC relatively soon after releasing their games on consoles. Some people just don’t have patience these days. I think I will consider this as a small, ultimately trivial example of “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”


Solifluktion's picture

I wonder when I'll stop bending over everytime Rockstar insults PC Gamers like me by releasing their games way later than the console version.

But what the hell, I seem to enjoy the way they treat me, so I guess it serves me right.

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