WGG Comcast Episode 10: The PC Rises


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Community Callback

•Xbox Internet Explorer

•KOTOR Textures Mod

•Worst Video Game Movies

•Digg Redesign Failure

•The Onion: Running out of Nostalgia

Could PC Gaming Make a Comeback?


•Is simplicity and ease of access the main driving force behind PC-to-console and console-to-mobile?

•Is the lull in console revision the root cause for the upswing in PC games?

•Will PCs ever incorporate console features such as better gamepad mapping and plug and play?

•Do mobile and long-lasting Ultrabooks and integrated Xbox experience change the game for PCs against stationary, involved consoles?

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just a correction, my twitter handle is actually WGG_ram, like my username on the site. Forgot I had changed it when we recorded, my apologies.

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Great podcast as always. 

I think once the new console generations are out the PC will once again take a back seat.

For too many people it's too comfortable to stick with consoles. Back in the day it was a real hassle for me to find games my PC could run. This problem doesn't exist with consoles. 

I really wish the PC would once again be the most popular gaming system but unfortunately that won't happen.

I think the only way the PC could get back in the saddle would be to become more console-ish. Gamepadsupport for more games, easier installation etc or even more people will leave the PC.

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