Video Number 10,000 and 100,000 Subscribers Giveaway

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and nearly 160 million video views, congrats!


Added part of an email I sent in a while back since its eligible for the competition.

I first discovered WGG back in 2008, might have been 07. Back when it was known as NGW, with a laughable design and intro when you look back at it now. I was 13 at the time and found Dan's Zelda guide on YouTube. Ever since then I have been using site to help me with games over the years. I also found out about 2 Chimps in the same year, one day it appeared on my YouTube feed and not even knowing what a podcast was I clicked it. I have been an active listener ever since. Not only does the podcast provide great gaming discussions but, it also has hilarious drunken stories that you won't hear on any other podcast.

Although I rarely use guides now due to me being a lot better at games, I still visit the site regularly to watch drink alongs, premature evaluations etc. WGG has come a long way, keep up the good work and thanks for the great content!

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Been following you guys for around 3 years now. I can safely say you have successfully kept me entertained all that time. I've never come across funnier stories than your drunken antics. Coming extremely close to getting caught drink driving was a personal favorite of mine. I hope I will enjoy your videos for years to come, and in turn make positive contributions in the community blog. Thanks lads!

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Congratulations fellas!!!  I always love hearing that both the site and YouTube account are consistently growing.  You're videos have helped gamers all over the world and probably saved even more controllers from being completely destroyed.
To combine an example and a favorite memory, I'll never forget when I was stuck on the last fight in the Labyrinth in God of War 3.  I was using the text guide on IGN and it did not have any strategy aside from 'it's not a bad idea to keep the Nemean Cestus equipped'.  Obviously, that was NOT helpful at all.  But then I noticed a link for a video walk through with the warning 'These videos may contain crude humor.' Sold! Between Dan's great strategy and then the tangent you both went into about Greek Mythology, I was hooked. I went back and watched the entire with some tasty drinks of course and have been a fan of you guys ever since.
So as thankful as you guys are for us, I am just as thankful for you guys and I'm sure I am not alone. Keep up the great work with all the walk throughs, podcasts, drink alongs, premature evaluations and everything else. Game on.'s picture

Been keeping up with you guys siiiince... shit, don't even remember when, but I remember finding John's Gears 1 guide on GameTrailers when I was surfing through and looking for videos and being very impressed that there was someone out there that actually made video walkthroughs with commentary for video games.

I'm that guy that doesn't have the money for video games and therefore enjoys the game vicariously through your walkthroughs (the only guides I've ever actually used were for Twilight Princess and Portal). I really like listening to you guys talk about random shit along with the game itself (and I approve of the second no-commentary playthrough so that I can listen to the game, as well; I know it's more work on your part, but your no-commentary playthroughs tend to be complete than the other ones I find on YouTube). It's really interesting to go back and listen to John's Ben Stein monotone in the Gears 1 guide in comparison to the admittedly livelier commentary in guides nowadays. Also, thanks to you guys, I know a lot more about video games than I should for someone who doesn't play very many of them.

Favorite videos... I have to say, I really liked the Slender and Amnesia livestreams. For some reason, I also recall the God of War 2 walkthrough and Dan's guest appearances ("So, Dan—I mean, ExplicitD, what do you think about the puzzles—" "NOOOOOO MY IDENTITY HAS BEEN COMPROMISED!").

Really love the guides that you guys do, and keep it up. Also, NextGenTacos should totally happen eventually.


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If you guys ever need new livers, we'll be sure to chip in a few bucks to help pay for 'em. I've been watching for quite a few years myself, dating back to your old NextGenWalkthroughs days. I'm not sure of the exact year, maybe 2006, 2007? I've had a lot of favorite moment over the years, most notably the Amnesia Livestream/drink-along, when Dan scared the shit out of John, and when you guys got scared by the Gimp the first time. As well as Dan's Bioshock 2 guide. "Could you shut the fuck up when I have something to say?" -Dan. The one thing I remember from that guide. I hope you guys never stop doing this shit, because you've provided me and many others with years of laughs and top-quality guides, and I wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavours and what-not.

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Congrats guys and community also! For all the great vids, reviews, and so on. I have been following the site and vids since NGW and my oh my have you guys gone far. You guys just did this as a dream and now you guys were at the E3 this last year and got actual meetings and playthroughs that were private. My best moments would be watching the Army of two 1 walkthrough and since you two had not started the dual voice over I watched each level twice. Once watching Dans playthrough and then again with Johns play, listening to them go back and forth about the other one doing nothing to help the team. Also I would have not beaten Splinter Cell Double Agent on hard without Johns help from the great guide that wasn't voiced since you guys still did text videos. Last is all the memories watching the podcasts at the old house with all of your friends on the couch like Dr. Faggot (Jessie) and John Law and Chad the faceless man. I will be here to the end as can be said for many of the community and hope you guys go strong for another 10,000 and 100,000!

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Congratulations on hitting 10k videos and 100k subs! I started watching ~2008 and the first guide i watched was actually John's God of War 2 guide since i was having trouble with the end sections of the game. I eventually started listening to the podcast and one of the earliest ones (somewhere in the 20's) John told a story about how he was hosting a party and ran out of toilet paper whilst on the can. Being ever so resourceful, he wiped his ass with trash from the trashcan. I don't know why but that story just always makes me laugh when i think of it. Thanks for the awesome entertainment and for all the work you guys do. You guys are absolutely awesome.

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Congratulations guys!  Huge accomplishment!  You guys have been one of my most favorite gaming sites.  I remember when The Darkness came out I wanted to watch some videos to see if I wanted to get it.  My friend then showed me to your site and how you guys would make guides on the hardest difficulty of the biggest games.  I thought that it was awesome and since then I have been listening and watching your videos.  You guys had the first podcast that I listened to and from yours I found out about the CAGcast and started to become more invested into the "hardcore" video game lifestyle.  It is hard for me to express in words about how awesome you guys have been in my life.  

One of my favorite things to do before I knew what you two looked like was try to imagine what you looked like compared to your voice.  John had such a deep, calm voice that I thought you were much older than your actual age.  I could picture Dan as a snowboarder and found out that I was not wrong when he talked about his "professional" snowboarding.  You guys were able to innovate so much to the guide making progress by not only having a high quality of video content, but by adding your voice and telling people what to do and talking about interesting things.  

I wrote in a while ago talking about how you guys helped me lose 80 pounds since I worked out to your podcast.  I still continue to work out but now watch your premature evaluations while doing stuff like sit ups and push ups.  I look forward to hearing your opinion just as much as I would hear Giant Bombs or Gamespots.  I remember when you guys started the drink alongs, I had a stomach flu and had to drink a lot of water.  It was the Bulletstorm (or killzone) drink along and I took a drink of water every time you guys had a drinking moment.  I was able to feel better much faster.  

You guys have been a huge influence in my life!  Even though we have never met in real life, I feel like I know you two so well, which is pretty cool.  Keep up the great work that WikiGameGuides/NextGenWalkthroughs is known for and I will always be a big fan! -Gabe

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Awesome news guys. It's been so interesting watching a site like Next Gen Tacos in the Halo 3 days turn into WikiGameGuides. I'm so thankful to the site because it gave me an outlet for writing and to you two for the countless days and nights of entertainment you've provided us.

I remember when the podcast had just started - there were around fifteen episodes - I spent three days of my Christmas vacation doing nothing but listening to Scott Baio and Elijah Wood talk about random shit and video games. Since then I've followed not only your podcast, but countless others as well. Some of my favorite moments were the "fuck you Chad" chant and hearing Dan and Jesse's stories about Thailand. From the countless videos I'd have to say my favorites have been Dan playing Amnesia alone for the first session, hearing John piss himself whenever he got scared, and seeing just how bad Duke Nukem was.

Thanks again for all the memories. I'd list them all, but that would most likely result in restraining orders.

- Chris

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Congrats guys, great accomplishment, you deserve it! Been watching you since 2008 with your Star Wars: The Force Unleashed guide, I loved the shocking the jawa jokes they were so funny. I've always loved the podcast and even your old sweat pants diary episodes. Its been great seeing you guys grow over the years with your YouTube channel and the website with a fantastic community. You guys rock, Game On!

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Wow guys. Believe it or not, I actually was 11 in 2006 when I first saw John's Double Agent guide. I have since logged on this site everyday for the past six years and counting. Now it is my last year in High School and I can say that you guys were a huge part of my adolescence and will definitely be part of my young adult life in the years to come. You guys made me laugh when I was down and out, and made me cry laughing with the Amnesia play-through.  

Thank you guys for the amazing moments and future laughs. So to John and Dan. *Hold up glass* Here's to you for another six years and 10,000 more videos.             


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Congratulations guys if anyone deserved this it's you guys. It all started when i was looking for some Rainbow six Vegas 2 videos way back in 08 when i stumbled apon John's guide , it helped me greatly and his commentary was one of the best, the stories that he told, and that oldschool NGW intro at the beginning of the videos that has now become Nostalgic.   its the one the guide that made me check out more till i was hooked, My top Walkthroughs/drinkalongs would be the Portal 2 guides. They were hilarious and at times frustrating watching John look at every damn thing. The Killzone 3 Lady Gaga debate had me cracking up quite a bit. i watched the guides i didnt have the games to just to listen to the banter and of course Johns rants.  

Theres alot of great moments on the podcast, ones that come to mind are 2 girls, one snuggie that entire podcast was filled with hilariousness, Dan pooping himself while skiing, John wiping his ass with garbage had me in tears. Awesome/Nasty is also a hall of fame episode. Sami the pornstar and her famous lower lip. PIKE 4 LIFE all the Chad moments are great and how he would never show his face because he was scared someone might recognized him.

 There's been alot of great moments, too many to name. i love them all. thank you Dan & John for the many years of memories and laughs. Cheers guys. I'll see you guys at 200,000 

- Canuckler

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Holy shit! Congrats with all the Subs and videos!

Been watching the youtube and site since Johns Halo 3 guide ( Which helped me keep my sanity on Legendary ) and soon it became my favorite site to watch videos at (As soon as i could remember the name that is. . .) Started watching alot of Playthroughs and Walkthroughs of games which i thought were interesting, of which the most memorable was a Resident Evil 4 walkthrough by a guy which i sadly can't remember the name of. Either way i've had many hours of enjoyment thanks to Nextgenwalkthroughs which could've been Nextgentacos though sadly it became Wikigameguides (Heh).

Sooo not to sound like some weird creepy stalker. . . .ill be watching like i always have. And if i had to a Guide as my favorite!? It would be Dead space With the Monster Closet, Using farts to propel yourself through space or taking off the helmet if you missed your jump.

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ZooKeeper and Jack and Jill

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Hello Dan and John I follow you guys since gear of war 1 and that final boss I couldn't beat no matter what I did thanks to you I beat him. When Dan join the videos I knew I was part of a great site. I watch every single videos you guys even to gets I don't have. But my favorite walk-through have to be dead space because that is when you guys talk about games and your life stories. Like when that asshole ask you for a capture card. Then in gears of war 2 you guys name Dom the dumb ass. Since that day I call him that even after he died in gears 3. When I heard you guys were making a podcast I was so happy,  where again you give another  famous  40 oz bounce. When I thought I couldn't give me more you give me drink alongs. Which by the way the best "lets play" of all of youtube. My laugh so hard with  with  lady gaga fight with Dan in killzone 3. But another I laugh my ass of was that one part of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. But my Favorite drink along of all time will  and always be bulletstorm just because it was the perect game of a drink along and rules were the best. Thank you so much guys for the fun times and I hope with the new name you guys be the next prima or something bigger but if not I will always support you guys and again thank you guy for the hard work you put to this website.

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Congrats guys!

Its hard to believe I've been listening to John rant for over 5 years. I remember watching the Halo 3 guide just to see the game 'cause I didn't have an xbox yet. i also remember cracking up at the 4loco podcast listening to Sports Jon and Jared (you guys need to get guests back on your podcasts). I'm still enjoying everything you guys put out so keep up the good work.

Congratulations again


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When Call of Duty 4 had only been released for a few days back in 2007, I remember getting frustrated at the Ferris wheel level on Veteran. After failing multiple times, I decided to go on YouTube for some help, and I found NextGenWalkthroughs as a result. 

John and Dan, you two were both so ahead of your time. Not only were you one of the first to record walkthroughs, you guys did it with an unbelievably unique sense of humor. John's sarcasm, Dan's wittiness, and their obvious attraction for eachother has given me plenty of laughs, and over the years I was excited to see this trademark humor evolve into the form of hilarious podcasts, and eventually livestreams. Although making videos on YouTube has been copied millions of times into oblivion by this point, I will always fondly remember John as the first, and Dan as the co-founder who was abandoned and eventually (luckily) found his way back into the fold. 

Evidently it has been a frustrating journey for both of you; despite being entrepreneurs in this business NextGenWalkthroughs/WikiGameGuides' development was unfortunately stalled by unnecessarily and unfair situations-a prominent example being the fact that you weren't partnered with YouTube until just a couple years ago. However, it is really exciting and heartwarming to see you two finally finding success after finally becoming partnered: from actually earning a sustainable income, achieving a Twitch partnership, going to E3 last June, and finally, earning a well-deserved 100,000 subscribers.

Congratulations Dan and John! Hopefully things will keep trending up for you!

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Congratulations to John and Dan and to the ngw/wikigameguides community for not only this amazing feat but also the immense growth that this website has experienced for the past couple of years.  You guys have been a part of my video game life ever since I was a junior in high school and now I'm graduating from college now. Boy, has time passed. Fuck.  But really though, your videos and podcasts have given me so many laughs and entertainment that I can definitely say your content constitutes as a majority of video game stuff that I watch on the internet on the whole (teehee). I hope you guys continue to achieve great success in the future.  Dan, if I ever happen to work for Royal Crest, I'll be sure to hook you up with free milk by the truck-load.  John, if you ever need a consultation for how to deal with depression, I'd be happy to refer you.  Anyway, here's to you guys, the website, and the community for another achievement unlocked. Cheers.

Below are some of my highlights in no particular order...I don't know if you guys even remember these but I thank you for them anyway:


1. When Dan's brother, Mike told his story about how he got Bell's palsy (I thinK?)...or whatever form of facial paralysis.  Dan's reaction to that definitely made it a thousand times funnier even though it is a pretty serious story. And I do feel kinda bad for laughing at it now in retrospect.

2.  When Dan was actually Elijah Woods and when John was actually mother fucking Scott Baio were revealed to the world

3. The Star Wars Force Unleashed walkthrough with dual commentary was truly a good series to watch.  Lots of inside jokes and lots of jawas being shocked. 

4. The story of Dan shitting his pants.  I would say that is among the top 5 funniest shit in pants story I've heard.

5. And speaking of shit, when John fucking wiped his ass with trash.  I would probably that is my fondest memory of this website.  Thank you John for being so resourceful and for thinking outside the bowl. 

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I remember stumbling across a COD WaW guide on YouTube in 2008 I think, you were the first guys to have real commentary, unlike the guys at RT who seem to be acting or something.

Watching you try Vegemite for the first time is the funniest thing I have seen. I hope that copy of The Fall of Reach finds a home... I bought that about 7 years ago, it's barely held together with tape and the pages are yellowed.

Would it be too much to ask for a Stubbie Holder? I know that the shipping cost is a bit much for such a long distance.

I hope you like John Denver :)

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Congrats guys, 10,000 videos and 100,000 subscribers is truly a great achievement, and I think I speak for everyone on this site when I say that we're proud to have had a (small) hand in your success. I first discovered you guys around 2009 with your ODST guide and have been hooked ever since, with NextGenWalkthroughs and WikiGameTacos being my Chrome homepage for the last 3 years. It was John's kickass Maingear computer that inspired me to eventually build my own gaming rig, and your podcast that enabled me to get through two weeks of work experience as a clerk at Nestle with my sanity intact. Thanks for all the great stories and funny commentary!

PS. Dan, you should really get the hair that grows out of the middle of your dick checked out, I don't think it's normal.

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Great job you guys, i really started following your channel and site with the drink alongs i enjoy those the most out of all your content, i think the amnesia drink along really got me the most i stayed up to watch the live stream and Dan was all alone and bitching so much. beautiful then your story the next time you were on great. thanks for all you guy's hard work and as long as you pump out content i'll be here to soak it up thanks again.


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So many memories, so many years. As most people have said, it is to hard to choose a favorite moment, a favorite guide or the most memorable quote you have said in the last six years.  But through hard work and determination and probably over thousands of dollars of alcohol it has been finally paid off. The future of commentaries started with you two and has spanned over the internet like a wildfire. To tell you the truth I'm almost tearing up over the thought that i have followed you since the Halo 3 walkthrough in '07.

You two have grew up before my eyes; drinking, making your production of commentaries more enjoyable through each passing year and being funny beyond the word funny. To keep up with your fans and letting your community jsut be itself has been amazing. You guys are truly one of the bestest of friends I have ever seen.

The best moment for me was watching the mailbag monday i sent you being opened up and John reading my horrible grammer mistakes. And then pulling out a Simpsons game you have never played is still making me think of how fun this Drink Along is going to be. Then you putting the bobblehead on the shelf of fame just made me think of how great it is to be part of your guys life. These words are not enough to say how thankful i am for everything you have done to my life as well as everyone elses.

Thank you Once again. Alex P (doubledare100)

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I first found out about you guys when I was having some trouble on God of War 2. I ended up enjoying the commentary on the random video I needed to watch so much, that I watched the whole walkthrough of the game for some more entertainment. Ever since that day I've been an avid follower. 

My favorite moment would definitely have to be the Killzone 3 Drink along when you guys started going off on a tangent about fucking poptarts, I don't think I've ever laughed as much since I watched that. 

Congrats on hitting such huge milestones in your career, and I hope you just keep growing.

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Congrats on reaching those milestones guys! I've been watching the videos since the good old NGW days and became a regular viewer in 2011 because I thought the Dead Space 2 guide was really informative and really funny, but I digress. 2011 was a really tough year for me for several reasons, the biggest being the death of my grandfather at the end of March. A few weeks later Portal 2 came out. That game brought me so much enjoyment during what was quite possibly the worst time of my life, and your Drink Alongs for the single player and co-op modes of Portal 2 added even more enjoyment on top of what the game itself brought me. I dont think I laughed harder at anything that year; well except for maybe the jump scare that got both of you to scream like small little school girls during the Amnesia drink along. I also don't think I've screamed, "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG YOU DRUNK ASSHOLE!!" so loud, or ever, to my computer screen before. You guys helped make a really shitty time in my life way more bearable and less sad and for that I am eternally grateful. Thanks for the laughs and help through games these past 6 years and I can't wait to see what future content you guys bring us!

Game on,

Sean M. (Darth Vegnagun)

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I started watching when you did your Rainbow Six walk-though & watched many of your videos when i never had the game or played the game before but i have watched many and listened to ALL of your podcast since day one!


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Here's to us, wha's like us? Damn few, and they're all dead.

A huge thanks to the two of you for pushing on this long. My first memory on this site was looking at the guide for the first MW. Here's to 20,000 six years from now. I'm glad that I found this site in the first place, and especially now that I can help contribute to it as well.

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All i can say is wow! I first started watching you guys when you did your walkthrough for Dead Space 1. At the time i had no idea really what you guys were about. Once i started watching your walkthroughs on it, I realized you two were absolutely highlarious and that you also do great walkthroughs. It amazes me that I still to this day watch walkthroughs on games I'm never going to play, just so I can hear you to rabble on and on. Sometimes I even go back to your Dead Space walkthrough, just to hear about how you got an e-mail from a man named "eric" (i think) and how he wanted you guys to send him a recording device so he could do his own videos for the website.

Honestly, you both deserve the best and I hope for many more years of walkthroughs and drink alongs!

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Congrats again guys. Started watching back for John's Gears of War 1, God of War 2, and Dead space 1 days on NGW and you guys continue to be my source of entertainment anytime I need to kill some time. (I've even gone as far as canceling netflix and watching your drink alongs when I eat or whatever, dont worry i donated 10 bucks that month to you guys like it was still a subscription service :P). The podcasts and drink alongs continue to be the best parts of your site as your ramblings about beer, games,girls, and life never get old.


So my favorite moment while spending time on your site has been the time on the podcast when Dan asked John would you rather watch the zookeeper or get your toe nails pulled off by a fat naked guy as he jerks off on your newly peeled nubs. I remember this so clearly because at the time I was stocking the shelves at my job and began to laugh so loudly that I fell to the floor and as much as I tried to cover my laughter every customer in the department came running over thinking I was in danger or something. Another favorite being John's drunk stories about almost getting lost and or kidnapped with a dead cell phone and no wallet.


Keep up the amazing work guys and you always have a friend in Chicago who will buy you your weight in alcohol should you ever want it

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Kudos to both Dan & John for the dedication to this site & fans. I've mentioned before that I came across these guys when looking for a good video of Splinter Cell: Double Agent because I couldn't afford it back in the day and no other video really showed it off. That and God of War 2 was so insanely helpful. Just a handful of moments I really wanna share with Dan & John that I believe even THEY don't even know about.

Memory 1: Back during the first impressions video Dan & John made for Batman Arkham City, John had just discovered the Calender Man Easter Egg under the courthouse. Following that he proceeded to the steel mill whilst talking to Dan who was distracting him with his backhanded compliments about how is OCD found them that Easter Egg. What Dan & John DON'T KNOW, however was that because he was distracted, while he was gliding through the city, he landed on a street for a few seconds but immediately put on detective mode and rappelled up to a building almost upon touching the floor and continued to bicker with Dan. By fortune I happened to catch something that they both missed before he turned on detective mode; of all the places John could have landed on, he landed LESS THAN A FEW FEET OF ANOTHER EASTER EGG, the chalk outline of Bruce Wayne's parents with the special message left by Hugo Strange that may hint at a future game. Not once but TWICE John had discovered an Easter Egg in one video. Clearly Dan's backhanded compliments don't throw him off.

Memory 2: This one is REALLY recent but it just show's off John's EGP (Extra Gamery Perception). During the recent Assassin's Creed 3 guide, in one of the videos John just by chance mentioned if it would be cool if the Da Vinci flying machine was in this game and Dan said how awesome it would be. Well unknown to probably both of them well... congratulations guys. As I continued to play the game, I unlocked a special little Easter Egg video where one of the people living on the Davenport Homestead tells Connor that he recently acquired blueprints to none other than Da Vinci's flying maching and that Connor would very much like to try it. The video ends with Connor getting into one, leaping off a cliff behind his house... And immediately crashing into the lake across from his ship. Quite silly but I found it hilarious how of all thigns John brings that up without even playing the game a that point.

Memory 3: This one is very short but the podcast episode where Kristen is moaning the floor right above Dan & John cracks me up every time ;)

Memory 4: Another podcast episode. When m dad got a new plug to play our iPhone's in his car I decided to test it with a podcast episode. Of all the ones I picked it was one with everyone's favorite guest 40 Oz. Bounce and another special guest who "accidentally" leaked her last name but no one KNEW until a much later podcast where something else was said that allowed to establish it. I tested it with a simple Facebook search and the bottom line is... Jesse is an idiot.

Memory 5: Possibly the GREATEST MEMORY OF WGG OF ALL TIME... We all appreciated the Drink Along for Halo Dan & John did, not just for the Banshee flip or John's drunk singing of the Halo theme, but for another unscripted incident that today I am formally admitting responsibility for. Once again everyone's favorite idiot Jesse was invited to tag along in the livestream and while he was there I was noticing that Jesse clearly was a little tipsy and at this point in the game Dan & John were a little more up for funny shenanigans. I also happened to notice that Jesse was repeating everything that was being put up on the chat and that is when a little idea came to my head. I suddenly remembered a podcast that had been edited because Dan & John tried to prank call Chad but edited that out because his last name was in his voice mail, and then I realized that you can't edit a livestream. So I carefully crafted a comment for the chat I KNEW Jesse could not resist repeating, which he did, and that did exactly what I was hoping for, getting Dan & John to call Chad over the livestream. I really did not believe it would work until we all heard his mumbled last name and I broke out on the floor with gut busting laughter. I had ( with my intellect and Jesse's dumb ass) reveled one of the best kept secrets in NGW/WGG history, and I will never forget how powerful I felt that night.

Thank you for the six years of entertainment guys, and cheers for more to come. Game on!

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If my comment has won me anything I sure wouldn't mind those headphones UNLESS by chance you maybe still have that Metro gas mask?

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i remember when i started following you, it was around 2006, you guys have impacted me by bringing funny content, which made me end the day in a smile if i had a rough day, and always providing quality content. You guys have gone a long way since the first time i started watching your videos! One of my favorite moments was when john and dan were arguing over music and lady gaga, and some other weird funny stuff came up, on the fallout 3 walkthrough. Keep up the good work and hope to follow you another 6 years!

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I love listening to your podcast while i am running. Good times, and takes the pain off of the run with your funny banter.

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Congrats guys! Ive been watching ever since Dan's Twilight Princess walkthrough. I was stuck on the water temple so i decided to look on youtube for help and I discovered you guys! I believe the first website that I used from you guys was Nextgenwalkthroughs before the remake of it, so the website was all grey and shit ha! Love listening to the podcasts and watching all the drink alongs! My favorite memory was probably the entire Simpsons game drink along you guys were really funny in that and it brought me many laughs! I would just connect my computer to my TV, drink beer with my friend and watch the whole drink along! Keep on doing what you're doing and hopefully break some more subscriber milestones! 

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Congratulation on all your success and continued success guys! I first came across you guys while looking for game footage of Uncharted 2 to see if it looked like something I'd be interested in. All it would have taken was a video or 2, especially since that walkthrough was broken up in quick 2-3 minute sections, but I watched the whole guide because you two were the first genuinely entertaining guys I'd ever seen do a voice over. From the strength of that alone, I checked out your site (then Nextgenwalkthroughs) and podcast, all of it largely enjoyable. And now any games you guys voice over/have a drink along for, whether I'm interested in it or not, I check it out even if it spoils a game or two for me.

Earlier this year I got diagnosed with cancer, nothing life threatening, but scary nonetheless. Anyway, after surgery I was laid up for a bit. One of the things that helped me take my mind off of everything and made the whole experience much more easier was playing your videos through the PS3's shitty youtube app. It was nice to just lay back and watch/listen to you guys argue or discuss anything. Though between John's Killzone ranting and Dan trying to scare John during Amnesia I thought I was going to bust my sutures from laughing. You guys made a shitty time in my life much more bearable. I wish you guys nothing more and continued success.

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