I'm making a thing: Super Fun Time!

I teamed up with a few people from the Giant Bomb community to put together a trailer for a mobile game we're working on, titled Super Fun Time! Definitely Wario Ware/Rhythm Heaven inspired, but putting our own personal twist on things. Trailer designed and animated by yours truly, sound done by the other two guys on the team.

You guys can check out the project brief on IndieGoGo below to get a better handle on what we're aiming for. Donations are appreciated, but I'm not here to beg. Just wanted to share something cool that I'm working on. Thanks dudes!



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Sounds cool good luck

RPGeesus's picture

Anything Wario-Ware inspired sounds good to me.

Good luck, have Batman.

Dan Broadbent's picture

I love iOS games, I just "pre-ordered" it via donation.

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