Trailer Talk #8 - PS4, Destiny, and Tons of Playstation 4 Trailers

An extra in-depth look at Destiny, Sony trailers wrapped in a Drink Along, and a new console!

Destiny Breakdown


PS4 Event Drink Along


Trailers of the Week 8

Destiny Announcement Trailer and Gameplay - 0:00
Playstation 4 Teaser - 4:18
Killzone: Shadow Fall Announcement - 7:41
BioShock Infinite: Lamb of Columbia - 8:47
Watch_Dogs - Open World Gameplay - 10:40
inFAMOUS: Second Son Announcement - 15:22
Drive Club Announcement - 17:30
The Witness - 18:07
Rayman Legends - Wii U Online Challenge Mode Announcement - 20:16
Deep Down Announcement - 23:01
Gears of War: Judgement - The Guts of Gears - 25:14
Knack Announcement - 29:19
Murdered: Soul Suspect Announcement - 31:25
Assassin's Creed 3 - The Tyranny of King Washington Trailer - 31:57
Wreck It Ralph Announcement - 33:43


Playstation 4 Event

Charlie Walker's picture

Loving the in depth analysis of Destiny. Especially the deeper meaning to his butt hole sign.

pat00139's picture

First, the Bungie motto is more or less 'Don't make us kick your ass', or something to that effect. Second, I think it Destiny will be cross-platform.  Bungie seems to have such audacious goals with the game, and the only way to sustain them is if all consoles are included in this world Destiny creates (which, by the way, will totally be multi-player, with possible single-player elements (ala Borderlands)).  There's no other way to have a living world that will evolve and change over the next 10 years unless you can somehow communicate with your friend on a different console.  It seems somewhat of a weird business decision to have Bungie run a bunch of separate worlds (Xbox, PS, WiiU, PC, whatever...) if the Destiny universe is as big as pliable as Bungie promises.

The PS4 also seems pretty impressive.  On a technical standpoint, the CPU and GPU being on the same chip is a really curious choice for Sony, and the 8GBs of shared GDDR5 ram is a very interesting concept.  I'm waiting for more games that grab my attention, though (although this Watch Dogs demo made it a day 1 purchase for me).  I am really curious to know what Microsoft will announce in the near future.

PigheadedBobobo's picture

They already said it would be class based and you could customize you characters  You also get your own ship to fly. The "3/6" refers to the fact all your missions can be played co op, and if your playing alone random people can join you to help if they are playing the same mission. 

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