Trailer Talk 5 & Trailer Talk 4

Trailer Talk 5!

PS4 teaser, God of War Superbowl Ad, BioShock Infinite and 7 more.


Trailers of the Week 5


0:00 Playstation 4 Teaser? - Wednesday February 20th, 2013
0:44 God of War Ascension - March 12
2:52 BioShock Infinite City in the Sky Trailer - March 26th
4:31 BioShock Infinite A Modern Day Icarus - March 26th
6:32 Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer - February 5th
8:08 Dead Space 3 Story Trailer - February 5th
10:08 Crysis 3 Multiplayer Gameplay - Feb 19th
11:43 Injustice The Line - April 16th
13:52 Splinter Cell Blacklist Collectors Edition - August 20th
15:20 Aliens Colonial Marines - Feb 12th 


Trailer Talk 4!

20 trailers this week (uploaded a week late, sorry!).


Trailers of the Week 4


0:00 Starcraft II - Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic - March 12th, 2013
2:55 Black Ops 2 - The Replacer: The Revolution DLC Map Pack - January 29th, 2013
5:23 Disney Infinity - Announcement Trailer - June 2013
8:16 The Elder Scrolls Online - Alliance Cinematic Trailer - Beta Signups Now
14:04 Terraria - Exclusive Console Content Trailer - Coming Soon?
15:55 Dead Island Riptide - First Gameplay - April 23rd, 2013
25:13 Gears of War Judgement - The Guts of Gears - March 19th, 2013
28:34 The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Remake
29:35 Yoshi's Epic Yarn
30:16 BioShock Industrial Revolution Preorder Bonus Trailer - March 26th, 2013
31:40 DUST 514 - PSN Open Beta Launch Trailer - Beta Available Now
33:44 Injustice - Gods Among Us Versus Trailer - April 16th, 2013
35:10 LEGO City Undercover Trailer
36:57 Crysis 3 - Nanosuit Trailer - Beta on January 29th, Releases February 19th, 2013
39:11 Dead Space 3 - Sneak Peak - February 5th, 2013
39:47 Resident Evil Revelations - Reveal Trailer - May 21st, 2013
40:59 Aliens: Colonial Marines - Kick Ass Trailer - February 12th, 2013
43:03 Defiance on PS3
44:14 The Wonderful 101 Wii U Trailer
45:41 Bayonetta 2 Behind The Scenes

BR4D_F3163's picture

For Gears of War Judgement (from what I've heard), the Smart Spawn System has nothing to do with Multiplayer (outside of Horde Modes). It's primarily being marketed for the Campaign.  So every time you replay an area, different enemies will spawn.

And God of War Ascension takes place roughly 6 months after Kratos is tricked into killing his wife and daughter. 

Kelsitron's picture

At 8:38 in trailer talk 4, isn't it RS for Rocket Springs? I think that's the name of the town in Cars

Yup_Yup14's picture

Did anyone realize that the Dead Island footage said Pre-Alpha?

ExplicitDQ's picture

Hold on John; 3D Realms are the original developers of Duke Nukem Forever, not Gearbox Software. Gearbox developed Borderlands 1 & 2, so you if loved Borderlands you might enjoy Aliens: Colonial Marines.
P.S. remember you guys prejudged the movie Kick- Ass because of its awful trailers, yet the movie was awesome.

John Tarr's picture


I'm going to play the game regardless, but I would be willing to bet Aliens: Colonial Marines scores less than a 72 on Metacritic. It looks like shit.

ryanbashaw's picture

is it lion king with the hs?

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