Trailer Talk #3: Army of Two 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Monster Hunter Ultimate

All the trailers from last week in one handy video!

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On the topic of Path of Exile the Devs have said that it's not going a Pay-2-Win. The Cash shop is going to have cosmetic stuff and what not.

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I have never played a Monster Hunter game either, though I hope the demo releasing on February 21st sways me in the purchasing direction. The creatures are truly larger than life, and I only think it fair to give Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate a shot after I praised Dragon's Dogma for its mythological encounters last year.

On a more sour note, I cannot wait to see a Premature Evaluation for Final Fantasy: All The Bravest. I sincerely loathe that game and its microtransaction model. 

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@Josh Kowbel

While I do agree with your statement that FF: AtB is a cheap cash in, you have to keep in mind that [publisher] Square Enix's net sales dropped by 25%, while their net income plummeted by 62%; all of that happened back in 2011. So yeah. They're desperately trying to make money, even if it means gouging people of their money.

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