Trailer Talk #2 - Walking Dead: Survival Instincts, SimCity, Pokemon X & Y, Cyberpunk 2077

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The last two trailers are too loud for the voiceover. Oh and Remember Me does have a gameplay trailer yet. That looked a lot more awesome than this one. It was about changing memories of people and not about climbing and fighting. It is from E3? I think? Dont know anymore, that came out a little while ago.

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Yeah, the trailers are too loud, but it doesn't help that you hear them getting sicker as the video went on.

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i have a suggestion for you guys in regards to this trailer compilation series. i think you guys should pick the best trailer of the week and then explain why.

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Jesus John, you sound like shit.

That Cyberpunk game seems cool. Hopefully it's not PC only and they release an actual gameplay trailer soon. And with Walking Dead, if last week's "trailer" had good graphics, would you be more excited about it? Or would you need more gameplay? 

When I first saw Tomb Raider footage, I immediately thought of Uncharted. Then you guys also mentioned Uncharted, so, glad it's not just me. I kinda like Uncharted 3's multi, but it's not that good. It would've been better if they added more to the single player player. Maybe Tomb Raider'll be better, but I doubt it.

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