Trailer Talk #1 - Walking Dead: Survival Instincts, Slender: The Arrival & 2 More

New series! Every week, we will compile all of the newly released trailers and do a bit of commentary, share our impressions and breakdown the quick cuts. I really appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism you may have for this new series. Let me know what you want to see!

This week, we watch The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct First Gameplay Trailer, Slender: The Arrival Announcement Trailer, DmC Devil May Cry CG Trailer, and the Dead Space 3 - The Story So Far Trailer


Without Commentary

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct First Gameplay Trailer 0:00
Slender: The Arrival Announcement Trailer 1:41
DmC Devil May Cry CG Trailer 2:46
Dead Space 3 - The Story So Far Trailer 4:27

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i got into Devil may cry at the third game in the series on the ps2  it was a far and away a departure from anything i was used to it for me was literally a styleized mind f**k but it hooked me i liked the story enough to go back and play the first two which in the series chronology dmc3 was the prequel 1 and then 2 and then 4 was the first launch title on the ps3 and 360 (the first for the 360) and now im assuming since he's a teenager this one take place b4 dmc3 its a fun hard game game whether you play it casually or on the highest difficulty,

 the demo for dmc was really good to  

really good show guys

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I agree that Slender: The Arrival looks like a proper trailer, and it's clear that the developer is putting more effort into making the game as atmospheric as possible. There was also another Slender game in the works, only this one had multiplayer, though the addition of extra players would certainly detract from the scare factor.

In a similar vein, The Intruder on Steam Greenlight looks equally terrifying. Here's a trailer that was posted a few months ago. 

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@Josh Kowbel
I could see a Left 4 Dead style Slender game that requires lots of teamwork and communication being extremely scary

Josh Kowbel's picture

@John Tarr:

I am not adverse to a multiplayer version of Slender, but just having friends there for moral support tends to diminish the tension in my experience. Only if the developers spawned players in random locations could I see the mode being terrifying. Starting you next to your other teammates would hardly be a challenge, though the Slender Man abducting survivors at random could be interesting.

Just imagine, you and a group are patrolling the woods when someone catches a glimpse of the telltale tuxedo. As everyone hazards to aim their flashlights at his last known location, the person in the rear of the pack is suddenly stolen away while the team's backs are turned, and the audio from his mic is silenced. When the remaining people turn around to notice their ally gone, all they find is small patch of blood and an abandoned flashlight.

Okay, you know what? Screw it. I'm on board if someone wants to add cooperative multiplayer to Slender. 

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Without commentary- because some assholes want to watch a bunch of trailers without interesting commentary. I like this new  thing though, it means that I can watch all of the new trailers instead of looking for each one on YT.

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Sorry Dan and John the demo for DmC has unskippable cutscenes, but the game was fun. I remember one of you guys doing a guide for Heavenly Sword, this Devil May Cry was made by the same people.

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I really like this idea for the series. I'm usually too lazy to check out most trailers, so having a bunch of newer ones in one place (and with commentary) is cool. It seems a bit rough now, but I hope this series continues and evolves.

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