Top 5 Tuesday: Most Anticipated of 2014

5. Halo 5

The return of Master Chief is something every Xbox fan looks forward to when Microsoft announces a new Halo title. While little is known about Halo 5 fans can certainly expect the big battles, awesome graphics, compelling story, and iconic multiplayer that the series is known for, especially considering that Halo 5 will be the first installment on the Xbox One. Halo 3 blew me away when it released and is the reason I purchased an Xbox 360, so I’m definitely eager for the classic franchise to return with a new coat of paint.

So with all this hype you might be asking yourself “But Andrew if you like this game so much why is it five on your list”? The answer: I really didn’t care for Halo 4’s campaign. I found the level design to be repetitive, the story lacking, and the Prometheans to be more annoying than a challenge. Having an enemy an inch away from death just to teleport away isn’t a “challenge” or “fun”, it’s annoying. The story also felt like it needed work in my opinion as I honestly didn’t care about the Promethean storyline. I would have found the story of Chief rushing to Earth before Cortana’s rampancy worsens while fighting covenant along the way to be more enjoyable.

I am excited for Halo 5, but in my opinion 343 needs to fix some minor issues in order to bring this series back to the flagship franchise it once was.

4. Thief

Recently, stealth games with the option of choice have been coming out of the woodwork like crazy (Farcry 3, Hitman Absolution, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonored) and I love it. Thief, the king of them all, hopes to make its return in 2014 with better graphics, a more in depth story, some new tools (and old), and more ways to get in, get your loot and get out. Thief also boasts variability mechanics hoping that no mission is ever played the same with randomized loot and NPCs.

Thief hopes to keep that tense atmosphere and perfectly timed precision while a guard’s back is turned that the series is known for, while adding new features like focus for players who might be new to stealth games. Either way its release is pretty far away and personally I’m glad because this could be the best stealth game we’ve seen in awhile. Eidos Montreal should take its time to perfect this old series and give it the return it deserves.

3. Destiny

Bungie has definitely established themselves as one of the most successful video game developers in the industry and for that reason alone is why I’m so excited for Destiny. Boasting huge open environments to explore the galaxy with your friends, customizable characters and total freedom designing your ship, with a plot so big that it could rival its previous Halo series, and massive amounts of loot Destiny could very well be the RPG of the decade.

Also hoping to launch with a dedicated companion app to track game progress, skills, weapons, and team progress Destiny will be big, especially if they can accomplish cross platform play (either 360- One or PS3-PS4). Bungie will also need to establish themselves to Sony’s audience (though honestly I don’t see it as a problem) and we’ll need to see how Activision handles them as a whole.

From the gameplay demos at E3 this year Destiny looks like it’s everything Bungie promised. Being able to form a squad and go on adventures with your friends to earn loot anywhere and everywhere looks like a blast. Almost like a larger more epic and fleshed out version of Borderlands, Destiny will definitely be one to watch grow as a series in years to come.The inclusion of random events leading the player to join other players in the same mission in Raid type battles makes sure the player is never overwhelmed. Overall, Destiny will be something we’ll all be looking at for the next 10 years and another flagship franchise in Bungie’s arsenal.

2. Titanfall

Titanfall is easily in my top two because of what it’s trying to do: blur the lines of multiplayer and single player to make one amazing experience. While Jason Zampella has had some issues getting Respawn Entertainment up and running he has certainly succeeded in creating a unique franchise with Electronic Arts. Zampella states that being in on the ground is just as important as being in the mechs in Titanfall which is incredibly accurate as pilots have vastly more agility while on foot. The pilots can use their booster pack to accelerate their jumps and running to create a parkouring experience for the player, adding specific strategic instances to this game. Does the player stay on foot to capture objectives? Or use the Mech to provide cover fire for teammates? The player is also never alone when they have a mech on their side as players can put their mech in a “stand-by mode” in which they act like a sentry turret. They will proceed to shoot down projectiles and protect the player until they are destroyed.

Everything about Titanfall looks amazing from the level design to the combat mechanics and can only get better as the release date draws closer. This will surely be a great new franchise under EA and Respawn Entertainment and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

1. The Division

Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to this game. We’ve all seen end of the world/ outbreak games before, but The Division had me at hello. Explained as a Co-op Online RPG The Division almost looks groundbreaking. The player is tasked with retrieving supplies and saving what’s left of these destroyed cities as an operative for Homeland security while also just trying to survive. Using teamwork, upgraded technology, and strategy the player must take back these cities and strategic locations from infected groups of human gangs. The game also allows for Player vs Player action in certain zones so players will have to make sure they’re loaded up and ready if they want to fight another day and not lose their gear.

The holographic player interface, amazing graphics, and open world setting make this one to watch in 2014. Also utilizing tablets and other mobile devices to allow a 5th player to aid their friends in scouting and combat is also very cool. Ubisoft has been showing off a secret and awesome game yearly at their E3 press conferences starting last year with Watch Dogs and this year with The Division. If they don’t watch themselves they will have a reputation to uphold while everyone asks “Wonder what Ubisoft has this year”?

What game are you most looking forward to in 2014?


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Good list 2049. Destiny looks particularly interesting and I'm happy to see Bungie finally make a game that Playstation fans can play on their PS3s. I haven't been following gaming too much lately but, I'm very interested to see how MGS 5 turns out even with the lack of David Hayter, I would love to see a new Fallout game but that's unlikely. The new Killzone is looking pretty amazing graphically and gameplay wise so for me I 'm excited for Killzone and MGS.

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