Top 5 Most Anticipated

5. Thief


Recently, stealth games with the option of choice have been coming out of the woodwork like crazy (Farcry 3, Hitman Absolution, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonored) and I love it. Thief, the king of them all, hopes to make its return in 2014 with better graphics, a more in depth story, some new tools (and old), and more ways to get in, get your loot and get out. Thief also boasts variability mechanics hoping that no mission is ever played the same with randomized loot and NPCs.

Thief hopes to keep that tense atmosphere and perfectly timed precision while a guard’s back is turned that the series is known for, while adding new features like focus for players who might be new to stealth games. Either way its release is pretty far away and personally I’m glad because this could be the best stealth game we’ve seen in awhile. Eidos Montreal should take its time to perfect this old series and give it the return it deserves.  

4. Call of Duty Ghosts


I fully expect to take some flak for this being my number 4 pick, but honestly I am excited for this game. Activision and Infinity Ward released two brief level playthroughs today and watching them I was on the edge of my seat. I found myself back in my palm sweating state I was in playing Call of Duty 4 almost 6 years ago. Infinity Ward is hoping to stun its audience with a phenomenal story by bringing in professional writer Stephen Gaghan, but honestly in a franchise that’s known for its multiplayer and underage players will they even notice?

Regardless the single player looks to be bringing back that tense and gripping action that we’ve seen before in missions like “All Ghillied Up” in CoD 4 and “Just Like Old Times” in MW2 with more two man team focused missions requiring precision and a tactical thought process. The addition of Riley the Dog looks to be like a creative direction as the player can control Riley to distract hostiles, pick them off one by one, or just need to see a better angle of a hostile camp closer up. Whether the player can control Riley at will or is a scripted event will be either brilliant or a disappointment, but everything is up in the air as of now. I believe that Ghosts can be a brilliant launch title for the new wave of consoles in the way that Call of Duty 2 was to the 360, but it will require a spectacular single player in which players can grow an attachment to the characters and Infinity Ward to Re-vamp the multiplayer in the same way they did to Call of Duty 4 (which is a tall order in and of itself).

3. Destiny


Bungie has definitely established themselves as one of the most successful video game developers in the industry and for that reason alone is why I’m so excited for Destiny. Boasting huge open environments to explore the galaxy with your friends, customizable characters and total freedom designing your ship, with a plot so big that it could rival its previous Halo series, and massive amounts of loot Destiny could very well be the RPG of the decade.

Also hoping to launch with a dedicated companion app to track game progress, skills, weapons, and team progress Destiny will be big, especially if they can accomplish cross platform play (either 360- One or PS3-PS4). Bungie will also need to establish themselves to Sony’s audience (though honestly I don’t see it as a problem) and we’ll need to see how Activision handles them as a whole. Overall, Destiny will be something we’ll all be looking at for the next 10 years and another flagship franchise in Bungie’s arsenal.

2. Watch Dogs


Okay so I admit there is some bias here because I’m from Chicago, but that doesn’t distract from the fact that this game looks absolutely amazing. I was with everyone else one year ago when our jaws dropped at this new IP and how smoothly everything came together. Technology is at our forefront nowadays and while some of the examples shown in this game are far and away it could be entirely possible for someone to control an entire city from their cellphone. From what I’ve seen Chicago looks insanely accurate and as beautiful if I were to look out my window. The L trains and traffic flow with crowded streets and busy businesses as Navy Pier and The Sears Tower (I know it’s the Willis Tower, but to Chicagoans it will always be the Sears Tower) scale overhead.

  I’m curious to see how far you can go into this beautiful city, the story Watch Dogs has to tell and whether this will be another great franchise from Ubisoft. Definitely a strong contender for GOTY if done correctly and bug free at launch, but I’m looking forward to more gameplay at Ubisoft’s Press Conference tomorrow night to make a stronger impression.

1. Batman Arkham Origins


Arkham City was my GOTY in 2011 and Arkham Origins could very well be the follow up we’ve been waiting for. When I first heard Rocksteady wasn’t developing Origins I was pretty disappointed, but after reading more about Origins I can tell Warner Bros. won’t let this one fall by the wayside. They want to keep this as close to AC as possible with an even bigger map, more side missions, and another dark and thought provoking story. And with the inclusion of Deathstroke, Black Mask, and a pre monocle Penguin has my Batman fandom is raging.

Warner Bros is going with the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” method in Origins combat, but are hoping to make some small tweaks in the combos, abilities, and gadgets that Batman has access to. In conclusion, I’m ready to delve back into Gotham and be a symbol once again and make my enemies fear the Batman.

Honorable Mentions:

Mirrors Edge 2

I kept this one from my main list because nothing is official about this games release yet, but ZOMFG I CANT WAIT FOR THIS ONE. Mirrors Edge was a game I felt was strongly under rated, but justifiably so for its short campaign and clunky combat. But if ME2 comes back on the Frostbite Engine and focuses more on high speed parkour with a longer campaign consider my pants creamed.

Saints Row IV

Honestly I’ve never been into GTA or Saints Row, but the fourth installment of Volition’s strongest franchise definitely has my attention. With guns that can blow people’s heads up to comical proportions and the most over the top story I’ve ever heard I’m looking forward to diving into this crazy sandbox come August.


Again this is an opinion article so don’t feel the need to correct me rather post your own most anticipated game in the comments.

Love always,

-Andrew H.

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