The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Drink Along Part 1 (Day 33)

Is The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct as bad as the trailers make it look? Even worse!


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Joe Harris's picture

As soon as I saw the jump, within the first 5 seconds, I knew...

Solifluktion's picture

John is stupider than Dan. The Walking Dead is amazing and there is no point where one could get stuck.

LenZeppel1n's picture

I  can see people getting bored with the Telltale Walking Dead game, but the story and decisions are honestly fantastic in that game.  That's why this game looked really weak to me, it's all about the zombie combat which has been done to death in video games, no pun intended.

Fattness132's picture

If you guys are looking for an Oregon trail zombie game...might i suggest Organ trail: you can find it Here

edit: and its also on steam for 20% off right now, so if you want to get it there you can as well.

It is really fun; i recommend it if you guys wanna do a drink-along for it.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

This game looks like shit, and the sad thing is that my mom wanted to buy it for me but i said no.

BrandonoftheKhan's picture

Yeah man, there are collectables. You missed one by the fire place inside the starting house, they're stuffed animal - like taxidermi stuffed.

swu's picture

Sounds more like Dan is trying to create X-Com enemy unknown, except replace aliens with zombies. Which would be awesome, and cause me to spend at least a hundred more hours playing that game. I demand the DayZ mod for that game.

Solifluktion's picture


We need a DayZ mod for every game. After all DayZ is so far the only game where I could have fun running through the forest for 4 hours without achieving anything.

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