The Social Network - May 2013 Edition

Instead of spamming the description field of every video and asking yall to follow us on Twitter during every Drink Along, I thought it would be a much better idea to do a video once a month updating you, our loyal followers and subscribers, with all the different social networks that you can find myself, Dan, and our contributors using regularly.



John Tarr

Twitter @JohnTarrJr
john (at)

Dan Broadbent

Twitter @explicitd

Josh Kowbel

Twitter @boss_kowbel
josh (at)

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Review
Evoland Review

Brian Majurinen - br1zzo

Twitter @mrbr1zzo

COD Championships Preview
Injustice Walkthrough



Twitter @WikiGameGuides
wikigameguides (at)

1667 Vine St., Denver CO 80206

Trailer Talk

RAM's picture

Just piggy-backing on to this real quick, Game-insight guys are on Twitter at wgg_swu and wgg_ram, on Facebook at Gameinsight productions, and can be reached by email at or through the Contact tab at

ryanbashaw's picture

U guys live in a cool neighborhood

Ps do a drink a long for crash bandicoot plays station and drink every time you die

getrdun21's picture

Haha man its funny seeing John tan and with long hair. Pretty close to a Fabio look.

explicit_baron's picture

John you have hair as long as mine :D

Did you ever get the letter I sent? I didn't hear you guys mention it on the last podcast.

Where is Carl's Twitter??

Solifluktion's picture

John needs to get a haircut. There, I said it.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Nice fucking hair mate, ponytail it and become areal man.

Ash's picture

After watching this video I was going to post a comment about Johns hair, but...well...

Solifluktion's picture


He'd need a hot chick in a red dress, or else the style would be incomplete.

John Tarr's picture


I will email you and SWU and include you in the June edition



My recent Google Image search history includes Gaius Baltar, specifically for hairstyle ideas. If you're not a hairdresser, you have an eye for it.

Squish92's picture

You guys should check out the "Vine" app if you haven't already. Easy and addictive way to share little snippets.

VaNiDgE's picture

Is that Carl-tron in the background?

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