The Social Network - June 2013 PRE E3 EDITION

Instead of spamming the description field of every video and asking yall to follow us on Twitter during every Drink Along, I thought it would be a much better idea to do a video once a month updating you, our loyal followers and subscribers, with all the different social networks that you can find myself (John), Dan, and our contributors using regularly.



John Tarr

Donate to my National MS Society bike ride fundraiser

Info on the bike ride

Snapchat johntarr
Twitter @JohnTarrJr
john (at)

Dan Broadbent

Twitter @explicitd

Josh Kowbel

Twitter @boss_kowbel
josh (at)

Grid 2 Review
Resident Evil Revelations Review


Brian Majurinen - br1zzo

Twitter @mrbr1zzo

#XboxReveal's Biggest Disappointments

GameInsight Crew

Gameinsight's email address: game-insight (at)
Simon's email address: gameinsightswu (at)
Alex's email address: gameinsightram (at)
Simon's Twitter: @wgg_swu
Alex's Twitter: @wgg_ram

Pavan's picture

I couldn't hear because of the loud cheering afterwards, who was the girl at the end?

Scumbagb3n's picture

Both wearing pants, very professional.

Turmoil313's picture

John wearing that dress shirt... never thought i'd see the day.

Whiplash's picture

John, you look so handsome in that suit.

explicit_baron's picture

Watching John and Dan in this video reminded my of the episode of Futurama when Fry teams up with an 80s business man to make it to the top 80s style. They are dressed like they are pitching a game changing business idea, maybe a hint at WGG going public??

Whiplash's picture


Except at the end of the episode, Fry's partner dies a horrible and painful death.

ryanbashaw's picture

Damn that girl is hot

BrandonoftheKhan's picture

Woah, I'm watching dark knight rises and I just realized that Jon looks like Christian Bale

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