The Simpsons: Hit and Run Drink Along Part 7 (Day 10)

The final installment of our Simpsons Hit and Run Drink Along! Up next: Far Cry 3!

Superfly1124's picture

This Drink Along really got going when John poured himself a new drink. It went to shit in a good way

ExplicitDQ's picture

Wow, John must really love cheats it helped this drink along more interesting. I remember playing this game and losing fun at the same point as when controlling Apu.

Scumbagb3n's picture

If you want the FC3 drink along to be as fun as possible then you might consider starting it on the second island when you get the wing suit / parachute. Also the missions, guns and everything is just better and  you might have a chance of finishing the game in a few sessions.

explicit_baron's picture

Damn why can't they finish it. They could finish it an hour and half. John just find a new drink, whiskey, vodka and just finish this game.

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