The Simpsons: Hit and Run Drink Along Part 6 (Day 9)

Would you rather?

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Would you rather have sex with either Skylar or Marie (both the ladies from breaking bad)?  No matter which one you pick, their husband will find out, so if you pick Skylar, Walt finds out.  If you pick Marie, Hank finds out.

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Freckles.... that was a great ending. Also it feels like you guys put a renewed effort into the site these last weeks. Lots of enjoyable content!

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You guys really are an omc; sitting around the TV after a nice meal, bickering over a fine glass of "cardboard-eaux" wine. Its great!

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Bollocks is actually British slang for "testicles" but it is also used for "nonsense" as well! Btw there is a skip mission option that will show when the retry option comes up after you fail the mission 4 or 5 times!

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Seeing a full on ginger person just covered in freckles creeps me out.

The di di mau thing:

In Australia some people call canned carbonated beverages 'soft drink'- but really you would just ask someone if they want a Coke or Pepsi something.

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The di di mau thing is also from the Russian roulette scene from Deer Hunter. 

And good on Dan for keep John in line about his singing.

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Definitely keep up the 'Would You Rathers.' 

Would you rather poop out 40 gallons of Play-Doh every day, or poop out a baseball every Tuesday morning and Saturday night?

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