The Simpsons: Hit and Run Drink Along Part 5 (Day 8)

Edna Krabappel got Manti Teʻo'd.

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Speaking of books if I get a job this semester I'm planning on sending John a copy of Killing Lincoln given his recent interest in history.

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I decided i would look up NGW Myspace and  to my surprise saw part of your old Mirrors Edge guide and some funny pictures of Dan time well spent.

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I hear you saying "noter dame"- spelled Notre Dame, you pronounce it  so wonderfully, did you study French at some-point?

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Manti Teo would have to be the dumbest football player ever if he wasn't in on the hoax! I definitely think he was in on it! He could've had any girl on campus he didn't need some online relationship  Now for what reasons who knows! But I like Jon's theory, especially with Manti's Mormon background! 

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I was sorely disappointed to find out that netflix doesn't have the simpsons.  Was this always so, or did they just recently remove it?

My three side characters that I would love to do missions for are Comic Book Guy, Nelson, and Ralph.

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@LenZeppel1n I'm assuming you mean streaming, Netflix has never had the Simpsons streaming. As far as I know, it's never been streaming. And it's a damn shame too.

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