The Last of Us Demo Premature Evaluation

Benjamin Weeks's picture

This game looks really good cant wait for it.

dalton32389's picture

i googled "leg maggots homeless guy". i feel ill.

Scumbagb3n's picture

I now have to fight the urge to look for that image, maybye 4chan in a drunken stupor so that I have a chance of forgetting.

This game is PS3 exclusive right?

John Tarr's picture


Yup, PS3 exclusive.

Lfcdan1's picture

The disgusting image that haunted me was 'maggoty breast'.
Fairly sure in hindsight it is fake but I can't bring myself to check. Still awful either way.

ThreeRoneC's picture

This game does have a multiplayer component. The pre-order bonus "Survival Pack" is multiplayer focused. 

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