The Last One: Poker Night at the Inventory

"The Last One" is still kind of a working title so feel free to leave a suggestion for names in the comments. Also let me know what you think of this series, where I take a look at the previous installment of an upcoming release.

Poker Night 2 comes out April 26, 2013 for PC, MAC, Xbox 360, and PS3 for $4.99

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I like the concept, but I would focus more on discussing what your favorite features were and what you hope to see in the sequel. Things like settings and menus are nice and all for a Premature Evaluation, but presumedly this video is for people who are already familiar with the game.

I really liked the brief story you told about Max's flush bluff. Include more stories like that where you reflect on your favorite (or least favorite) moments in the game, even if you can't capture the exact moment on camera.

Obviously a poker game doesn't have a ton of story, but I would love to see a brief story wrapup and get an idea of what the late game experience is like for games that have more too them.

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@John In the next video like this I will focus more on my favorite features or things I don't like. I did touch on some of them but yeah I should of kept talking about all of them. I am glad I did manage to record that funny Tycho story at 10:00 minutes from an earlier recording, but for all the other moments I should of talked about them as well. 

This was the first video, I can only learn from here. Thanks for the feedback.

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