The Game Club: Roll-call

As the halfway point of summer approaches, many of you readers, like me, have probably burned through your backlog of games and have grown bored of having little to do. In order to fill the void created by the lackluster summer games, I have decided to reincarnate a concept John had running a couple years ago during the NextGenWalkthroughs period: The Game Club




What is the Game Club?

The Game Club's objective is simple: to play games as a community. As a group, we will play through a predetermined game for two weeks, while marking our progression through blog posts and/or videos. Need help on a portion of the game? Post a thread on a forum and another member of the club will help you. Want to discuss builds, farming runs, tactics, or stories? Hopefully we will have enough members to fuel an in depth discussion. 

What is required to enter the group?

There are no qualifications to join the Game Club. Assuming you have enough money to pay for the game currently being played, you can immediately start a playthrough and posting content. Obviously it would be hard to maintain groups members from session to another if we solely played brand new, $60 games, so we will be sticking to older, accessible games. The first session of the Game Club, for example, will feature Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7, which is easily "acquirable" online. 

What is expected?

The Game Club is incredibly easy to join, but a solid commitment is expected if you are looking to participate. What is asked of you isn't much: a weekly update of your progress is the bare minimum, but extra work, such as participating on the forums and posting videos, is strongly encouraged. 

An active group is required for the survival of this group. The downfall of the original Game Club was major inactivity. Although a huge number of people signed up, few people continued to update after the first few weeks. In order to ensure this club's survival, please be an active member of the group if you choose to participate.

The Game Club: Session 1 

So you understand what is expected of you to do, and want to join the club? Simply leave a comment below saying your interest, and you will be included in the first session, where we will be playing Final Fantasy 7. I am still in the process of ironing out some details, so expect the club to begin on July 30th if you're interested.

MarcusIrving317's picture

Hurray, I can comment now! I would love to join this. I'm going tomorrow to try and find a copy of this for PS1, if I can't find it I'll just buy it from PSN. So excited, I've wanted to play a bunch of old games including this one for a long time.

Edit: bought a PSN card, going to download it.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

Ill see if i can find my old copy if i still own it then i guess i can just wait for the next game in the game club.

sporeknight12345's picture

lol I remember this idea from the first podcast so many years ago.I  hope this catches on. As a recommendation The game club show play The binding of Issac and Dayz. 

swu's picture

Awesome initiative. I don't have a copy of FF7 anymore, but I would be super interested to play some of these games. I would like to suggest Star Wars Battlefront 2 or Republic Commando.

NightShroud's picture

Thanks for reviving this. I'll join in, something extra to do in these days.

So games I'd suggest are mostly RPG's: chrono trigger (best game ever imo), KOTOR, Bioschock, Borderlands 1, The Witcher 1, ...

Maybe I have the old game club to much in my mind but I think (older) singleplayer games would be better for something like this.

LenZeppel1n's picture

This sounds like an awesome idea.  I'll have to join you guys for a later session (I'm not really a fan of Final Fantasy).  Games I would recommend are Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, probably Red Dead Redemption, and Half-life 2.

Scumbagb3n's picture

The sound of Battlefront 2 gets me hard- (no homo). Just have to find my old copy. Not sure about FF- I've never really been a fan.

Mr Hat's picture

ahh, the Third Age, so many happy memories. I'm loving the sound of this idea, but would there be the option to opt-out of a Session if you don't like/can't acquire the game being played?

explicit_baron's picture

While I think this is a great idea count me out for FF7. Hopefully the next game won't be a heavy RPG like Final Fantasy.

jreinKs's picture

I agree 100% with Mr Hat, I loved the Third Age, I was actually just playing it a month or two ago for a bit. However I'm not gonna start dishing out cash every two weeks if it's a game I don't have or have no interest in playing. Still, I'd love to participate if there are some game I enjoy.

HINT>>semi-linear RPGs are the way to go (Third Age, Red Dead Redemption, etc).

Semblance's picture

@Zombenjamin @swu @Mr Hat As long as you have a PC that can handle PS2 emulators, there are "easy" ways to get it.

@LenZeppel1n @Scumbagb3n It can't hurt to give it another shot right? The game came out over a decade ago; maybe you'll see it from a better perspective this time. 

I have a feeling that many of you are misinterpreting how the game is meant to be played during this. No one's expecting you to complete a huge game like FF7 in two weeks. It would be a crazy thing to ask a group of very unlike people, even during the summer drone fest. You complete as much as you like. The primary goal is to just revisit some older titles from a modern perspective; maybe you're like LenZeppl1n or Scumbagb3n and you did not enjoy the game at all on a decade ago, but that's a huge timespan in-between and it should be interesting seeing how your views have changed. Does the gameplay hold up? Is the story ridiculous? Is there something that SE does here and not in the more modern FF titles that you miss? That's what we discuss, and not to mention have fun replaying the game.

Semblance's picture

Also, I'm definitely not going to be picking the game next session. FF7 was just the game the old Game Club left off with, and it was easier to just decide on one game to get things started. 

I'll include the games already listed in the comments in a poll. If you have any other suggestions, just continue to comment.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Would you recommend any PS2 emulators?

MarcusIrving317's picture

My suggestion is Deadly Premonition. It is a 360 game but it's old and cheap. If we are only doing older generations than I'd like to suggest Paper Mario or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

NightShroud's picture

@Scumbagb3n google it, there's the one: pcsx2. You'll need to get the bios for the system through other means since that's the "illegal" part of the emulator. And getting the settings right is a bit of a pain but there's guides for that.

Scumbagb3n's picture

@NightShroud Thanks, I'll have a look, even if I can't get it going it's pretty easy to find a cheap ps2...or just borrow one.

phantomroy08's picture

Like explicit_baron I like this idea but I hate final fantasy, so count me out for this one. Nightshroud, I love your idea for KOTOR.

MarcusIrving317's picture

Final Fantasy took all day to download yesterday, and it must have stopped at about the 90% mark and now it has to download all over again so I'm probably starting this tomorrow or very, very late tonight.

dalton32389's picture

running out of games to play?! i've got a backlog two feet tall! if you're running out of games to play you're very selective or unemployed. good idea anyways. but i know if i start ff7 then i'll have to beat it 100% again and that will take weeks. it would have been best to wait for ff7 on steam also.

explicit_baron's picture

I am super excited about this game club idea. I think it would make it even cooler if every few days we have skype meet up and discuss our progress on whatever game is chosen.

Semblance's picture

A podcast? I'd be down, but it might get a bit hectic with multiple people and an unfocused topic.

christothefirst's picture

Count me in. Looking back I can't believe it took so long for this to be revived, especially because of how well this works on a wiki.

PigheadedBobobo's picture

I remember John talking about this in 2 Chimps 1 but count me out for now. Not a fan of FF 7 and I'm already doing the GR games club with Beyond Good and Evil

MarcusIrving317's picture

Looks like I'm not doing this one. FFVII just will not download, I'll have to wait for the next one and buy a physical copy of it.

Semblance's picture

You can't play it on your PC?

MarcusIrving317's picture

I really can't.

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