The Game Club: Final Fantasy VII

Today is July 30th! Hopefully many of you Game Club members have begun your Final Fantasy VII playthrough. The first moments of my playthrough have been recorded and uploaded to YouTube; if you have done the same, or are in the process of writing up a post, be sure to link it here.

Having a fun first-time playing through the game? Fondly reminiscing your Final Fantasy VII memories? Post a comment sharing your experiences. I will definitely be doing so.


In a future centuries away, humans attack gun-wielders with swords.

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Here's the first part of my FF7 playthrough.

Being my first time through this game, I have no idea what is going on. Apparently I am part of an ingame terrorist organization tasked with annihilating a furnace, and in order to do so, my character wields a sword larger than his torso. He also has a habit of twirling it dangerously close to his neck after every battle, so I know where his priorities lie.

The PC version definitely was not built with optimization in mind, a point made extremely evident through the default keybindings. Numpad keys? Really?

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I haven't started yet, but if you have a wired Xbox 360 controller and want to play FF7 with a controller, check out JoyToKey

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I use a PS1 emulator and it has a option to get a game pad configured to it. So since I don't have a 360 I use a PS3 dualshock. It nicely fits with the playstation feel of it.

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Hah funny im playing FF9 instead, guess nostalgia sometimes gets the better of you.

on Disk 3 at the moment, and the last time i played i was like 7 or 8 sooo when i found out the Bad guy was a Guy, and not a girl like i thought back then. . . . .Damn Fem guys -_-''

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I'm not huge into turn based JRPGs, but I'll watch the videos people have posted. I've heard great things about this game.

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@rvbfreak "I've heard great things about this game" yeah I hear it's okay (sarcasm) lol. This games oozes nostalgia, I love it.

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@John Unfortunately I only have a wireless one, so I'll be working around using a variation of WASD.

@Goldteddy The characters in this series are so ridiculous. FF7's Barret is so stereotypically that it hurts (great accent y'all), but it isn't nearly as bad as the later games. In the few hours that I dabbled into FFXIII, all of the male characters I met possessed a huge amount feminist traits, and all the girls are wearing next to no clothes. 

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