Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bikini Montage

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"insert south park montage song"

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Anna and jun got switched, but other than that it was a great video

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Now this is high quality content you don't see anywhere else. 

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mokujin was the hottest

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Is this seriously the content you want to bring to your website? I've been to this site since 2006, and this is just mediocre.

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That's an almost imperceptible sense of humor you've got there, for a second I thought you were actually being serious.

Oh, you are, aren't you? *facepalm*

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I might agree Milleniummaster18 if it weren't for the comments.

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. . . .Hey look on the bright side, atleast we now know the names of Womens swimsuits.

As for the video itself, Like the music but i really dislike the idea of a "nude" Preorder bonus on characters which don't really have any sex appeal to them in any sort of way. Which is mostly from the awkward skin colours on most of the girls and those insanely large shoulders.

But i will admit the Swimsuits does look nice with alot of effort put into them, sadly the models wearing them didn't get the same treatment.

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@XION I am ALWAYS looking for new types on content to create. We only very recently started posting the "Previously On..." videos, which have been getting a great response, and this video isn't that much different if you break it down to simply a compilation of cutscenes.

I do completely understand your reaction to the video though. I had the same reaction when br1zzo sent me the file. But judging by the 2.5k views the video has had in the last 24 hours, people want to see this kind of video. Fortunately there's not a lot of games like TTT2 where 'bikini montage' videos will be made.

P.S. Saw your post on teksyndicate (yea I have a Google Alert set up for my business' name)

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@ John Tarr

I'm glad you understand. It just really put me off being that you and Dan provide such excellent content. You guys are loyal to your fans and built this fantastic site from the ground up. I'm not saying that it was a bad move at all, but from all my past collective experiences on this site, I just thought this was kind of low. But hey, it's your business, and it's also possible that you think of it as one guy on the internet, which makes sense. I sincerely hope my actions regarding to the matter didn't agitate you at all. I'm also glad you were able to check out teksyndicate.

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