Pokemon Black/White Review

Reshiram and Zekrom

Pokemon Black and White is an undistinguished role-playing game. Everyone understands the basics of Pokemon. You catch Pokemon, you battle with them, you defeat bad guys, collect badges, and become a champion. It is still a Pokemon game, but this time around with prominent improvements to the games plot and mechanics.

The developers have done a lot to make Pokemon more streamlined. Some changes small, such as combining Poke-centers and Poke-marts. Some rather large as making battles faster, making the entire game run faster. The plot is better than previous installments of Pokemon. Team Plasma, the villainous group of the Unova region, influences the entire game. From start to finish, Team Plasma is the reason for where you go and what you do when you get there. They're not just a group with a plan for world domination only to be foiled by the protagonist in a warehouse. Black and White also introduce new battle mechanics, the Triple and Rotation Battles. They add more strategy to the game but aren't used nearly enough to make them seem significant.

Rotation Battles

Black and White look far better than any of the fourth generation games. With the use of camera angles, they were able to bring out the 3D looks to spruce up the environment. It is also used in multiple gym puzzles to make flying out of cannons and riding roller coasters more appealing. Black and White also introduces the concept of seasons into Pokemon. Seasons not only change the looks of Unova but allows you to access areas not available in other seasons. Also, you can find different types of Pokemon in different areas due to seasons. There are 151 all new Pokemon to catch, allowing it to be actually fun exploring and running into new Pokemon. These Pokemon are all original, however a lot of them are weird looking.

Castelia City

Nintendo has never been known for it's online experience, let alone on it's handheld device. Pokemon Black and White has a stellar multiplayer experience. Battles and Trades are still the highlights of being a trainer. Now, you no longer need to link up with the use of C-Gear. Allowing you to instantly battle,trade and exchange friend codes. Yes, friend codes. You can also access the Dream World through C-Gear while also having a video chat function. It seems obsolete though with programs like Skype.


Pokemon Black and White are excellent additions to the Pokemon series. The brand new generation is a breath of fresh air for fans, but it is still Pokemon. If you are sick of Pokemon or hate Pokemon, i'm not sure this can win you over. Although it could be the perfect game to get you into Pokemon. Pokemon Black and White is a must buy for fans, otherwise, most likely skip this game.


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This game looks good enough to buy a DS just for it.

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I beat it a few months ago the storyline is I think the best so far it has a fun and not too frustrating gameplay setup and I love the idea of the c gear

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if only the ds had one game besides this i might buy it

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DS has plenty of good games.


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