Call of Duty:MW3 Leaked!

Some Modern Warfare 3 news has been released. Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling spoke on his twitter account, "I'd wait for the real reveal". Amazon and Gamestop have already started taking preorders so I would say that makes the release date at least credible. Not alot, but enough to get people hyped has been released.

Single Player: To take place right after Modern Warfare 2's events involving Soap, Price, and Makarov. Also seems to have some locations revealed like New York City, Dubai, and Paris.

Multiplayer: Said to feature around 20 maps. Pretty good as opposed to the 14 maps included with Black Ops.

Spec Ops: Nothing much here, it's just going to return.

Survival Modes: Somewhere along the lines of zombies, but like a horde mode. Maybe you fight against terrorists instead of zombies.

You can also find some screenshots of weapons and areas on Kotaku:

Let me know what you guys think? What do you want to see in MW3?

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Sounds good... What's the catch? I'm glad Zombies is still Treyarch though

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YAY! A new cod game omfg!

Nah, it's gonna suck. Maybe even more than Black Ops. And MW2. Maybe even combined.

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Maybe so, but this is still big news. I thought worthy of a blog, so that's exactly what I did. Terrible or otherwise, I'm going to buy this.

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MW2 was pretty much right after CoD4.

World at War, and Black Ops also has zombie mode, no suprise there.

Spec Ops was in MW2, why wouldn't it be in MW3?

20 maps.. probably "the best of the older games", and 1 new.

Soap, Price, and Makarov ... none of them died, so no suprise there either.

The bigger news would be: will the dude you his with a knife in eye be there? Heard some rumors earlier that said he would be. (you never know for sure that he's dead.)

What do I want to see in MW3? Easy. A fucking ending.

And just to be an ass; Direct X 11. Won't happen, since it will be a retarded console-port.

Terrible or otherwise, I'll download it and see if I can complete in one day as I did with MW2.

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Battlefield 3 will be better than COD in every measurable way and it will still get only one sixth of the amount of copies sold

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I hope the assholes who play this game are even more annoying than the ones from past CoD games.

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Though it was a rather shark jumpy story, it was one of the few games I played which I actually had fn through.

It's the Micheal Bay movie of Videogames.

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@aWarmLittleMuffin: All the 12-year old dicks will move to this game when it's out. So when this is out, MW2/Black Opsh could be enjoyable (not really).

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Single Player seems iffy, I remember hearing the story was a prequel?

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I pre-ordered for the 360 on Monday. And I don;t even have a 360! mwahahaha. Ok, I just wanted the fucking poster.

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How about a multiplayer without killstreak/perks

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If they want any Call of Duty to be as successful as Call of Duty 4 they need to spend more time on it. The franchise won't change, and become better if they release the same thing every year like they have been.

What they need to do is take more time to come up with new elements, new mechanics, and new "Holy Crap! That Was Freaking Awesome" moments. The AC-130 gunship in COD4 was new, exciting, and fun. The Predator Drone in MW2 was pretty fun, but not that new as they wanted it to be. Then Black Ops came out, and nothing changed! That game didn't do anything for me besides make me realize exactly how much I missed the balance beween action, and stealth in the Infinity Ward games, and how much I hated nothing but "run and gun" for all but one level of Black Ops.

All critisism aside, they need to spend more time developing the game. Sure it looks beautiful everytime, and multiplayer is satisfying everytime (barely), but that doesn't mean I'll be coming back for more every year. One thing is for sure. I'll be watching the walkthrough to see if anything changes. If nothing changes like in MW2, and Black Ops, one of my favorite developers will be lossing a customer until I see something new.

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Saw this on YouTube, watched it, not excited in the least. Modern Warfare 2 just completely turned me off from the Call of Duty franchise.

Not they're awful games, but the people who play them are absolutely unbearable. I just can't deal with anymore pre-pubescent sqeekers calling me a faggot every time I join a game.

So, I will do the same thing with MW3 that I did with Black Ops. Not buy it, borrow it from somebody, play it, hate it, and give it back and go back to playing a better game.

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yes... I am! Why? Because of the epic ass teaser trailers!! And becuase Infinity Ward is makeing it with the help of other devs! What will make this game great is if they cut the fat off... you know! Take out OMA and commando. And since it is impossible for a CoD game to not have one gun that shines above the rest i wont even pretend to worry about it. Honestly MW2 was fun for a while... then people realised how to abuse the hell out of and it got bad. MW2 was made bad by people who used OMA noob tubes and that crap! I cant stand Blops so I wont even talk about it... But in conclusion, dont fuck this up Infinity Ward!



PS Cod4 was the best cod ever...

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