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PORTAL 2!!!! Best game ever? Game of the Year 2011? Portal 2 is definately a contender as it throws new players and returning players into the fascinating world of Aperture Science Labratories. It's clever, hilarious, and brilliant. An amazing puzzle game that adds so many interesting ways to use portals to complete test chambers. Glados and Wheatley are witty, astounding characters, and it's captivating to learn about Cave Johnson and early testing years. On a buy, rent, or skip scale, this is a must buy for lovers of puzzles or those who loved portal. I'm excited to play co-op, yes, I haven't even touched half of the game yet. It's still mind blowing.

Oh, this is so hilarious. LOLOLOLOL stfu........

Sony screwed up, and this guy makes jokes about Kevin Butler. To be honest, I never fancied the guy. Go ahead, call me a fanboy, but it's really not funny to me. Considering PSN went down, XBL is still up, and Sony doesn't seem to feel genuinly sorry for this issue......whatever. 


  • Calendar, wOOt!
  • LA Noire-May 17
  • Gears of War 3- September 20
  • Battlefield 3-TBA
  • Call of Duty 8-Modern Black Ops?-TBA
  • Infamous 2-June 7
  • RF Armageddon-June 7
  • Skyrim-November 11
  • Batman Arkham City-October 18
  • Uncharted 3-November 1
  • ....And much more.
  • Thanks for reading!

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