Synoptic Sitrep: Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy

After a solid month of researching in secret, Part 1 is finally finished. In preparation of the imminent release of Final Fantasy XV, a highly anticipated title that is also bound by said mythology, I thought it best to inform everyone who may have not finished XIII or its sequel(s) and jumpstart them into the mythology beforehand so that they don't go into the game, get caught off guard, and become lost in the story.

This is the result of compiling two games, five novels, and one short video depicting the mythology of the games, as well as the overarching plot of Final Fantasy XIII, should you decide to get into it.

As always, please comment and give as much feedback as possible on it. Grammar or story, we love to hear all of it.

You can view it HERE.

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I also posted the Sitrep on my DeviantArt profile, and it's only had one comment so far, from Sakonma, who writes:

Yay finally caught up!

This was very interesting, as expected.

There were parts of the story that weren't in the game *like backstory about Paddra and Pulse-related stuff... maybe I didnt pay attention while playing but some details you wrote in there were really intriguing*

And omg Caius!

It was good to have my FFXIII-2 memory refreshed while reading this. I totally feel like playing FFXIII or XIII-2 now.

Thanks again soooo much for taking your time to write this! I love reading through everything AND OMG THIS MAKES ME SOOOOOO EAGER FOR LIGHTNING RETURNS because I finally understand what's going on! I had a veeery vague and general idea all this time, but there's some details in your synopsis that really make everything click in place! Thank you!

Looking forward to more!

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