Steam Summer Sale: SteamPile Recap

Number 1: Enslaved Odyssey to the West

Enslaved is a hack 'n' slash game with an interesting story that's inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Gameplay wise, it offers a great combat system that's easy to learn and use, in addition to some solid platforming.

The major twist of the game is that you need to work together with the character Trip throughout the game in order to succeed, and because the game was built around this concept, it avoids a lot of the problems that other games with escort missions usually encounter.

A controller is recommended!

Enslaved Odyssey to the West is currently on sale for 75% off.


Number 2: Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain is an action platformer with roguelike elements that offers high amounts of replayability, thanks to its many unlockable characters and items. And because the difficulty is constantly changing, there's never a dull moment.

In case it becomes too difficult, there's always the option to play with up to three friends online or locally for some extra help.

Risk of Rain is currently on sale for 50% off.


Number 3: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Ultimate Edition)

A technical reboot of the popular Castlevania franchise, Lords of Shadow offers a very story-driven hack 'n' slash experience, filled with puzzles, monsters, and annoying platforming sections. The combat system was pretty good, given a large variety of moves that could be enchanced via the game's magic system, in addition to some intriguing puzzles that actually reward the player for completing them.

Unfortunately, the camera was rather dodgy, which in turn made some of the platforming sections unbearable and tedious, but overall the game was quite enjoyable. A controller is necessary if you want to play; otherwise, there are some quick-time events that simply can't be completed.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Ultimate Edition) is currently on sale for 25% off.


Number 4: The Sims 3

The third game in the Sims franchise builds upon the standard Sims formula. If you don't know what the Sims is about, then allow me to summarize: It's a simulation of real life, so you can create a Sim that looks like you or a friend and control them in every imaginable way.

The Sims 3 and all of its DLC is currently on sale for 50% off.


Number 5: Mark of the Ninja

A 2D stealth game that contains a lot of interesting stealth mechanics that you rarely see in other stealth games. It features a great story about a lone ninja's fight for revenge against a mercenary group that attacked his clan's dojo, and his fight against insanity caused by the clan's poisonous tattoo secrets.

Mark of the Ninja is currently on sale for 50% off.


Number 6: Jamestown

A fun shoot-em-up with some very good mechanics that can be played with up to three people locally for some jolly cooperation.

Jamestown is currently on sale for 25% off.


Number 7: The Ball

The Ball is a physics-based puzzle game that revolves around manipulating a large ball in order to solve environmental puzzles and to progress through the main story. Alternatively, you can test your zombie squashing abilities in the survival mode, though it's hardly worth the time, in my opinion.

The Ball is currently on sale for 50% off.


Number 8: Dark Souls

The PC port of Dark Souls may require a patch (DSFIX) in order to be somewhat playable, but it's completely worth the hassle, as you'll get to experience the rewarding and challenging gameplay that Dark Souls has become known for.

Not only does it feature one of the most fascinating game worlds I've encountered in a long time, but it also features some of the most intense gaming moments. Getting invaded by another player while you're busy dealing with the already challenging AI makes for quite the unique experience.

You can play with a keyboard, but I would highly recommend that you use a controller.

Dark Souls is currently on sale for 66% off.


Number 9: Singularity

Singularity is a shooter that features a story built around the idea of the butterfly effect, where one small change in the past can have major consequences in the present. Sadly, the game suffers from some pretty boring characters, and despite the developer's best efforts to make you care about their fate, Singularity ultimately fails. 

In terms of gameplay, it's a standard shooter with a gimmick that lets you alter the age of objects or enemies. However, its usage is quite limited and it's easily replaced by a gun, though it's still fun to mess around with.

Singularity is currently on sale for 75% off.


Number 10: Reus

Reus is a fun god-game where you control for giants that you use to develop and cultivate the world and its human inhabitants.

Reus is currently on sale for 50% off.


Number 11: Dwarfs!?

A dwarf mining simulator where it's your job to oversee and keep the drunken dwarf miners alive by steering them away from dangers while they dig for valuable minerals. It's a fun little game that puts your micromanaging skills to the test.

Dwarfs!? is currently on sale for 50% off.


Number 12: Killing Floor

Killing Floor is a six-player co-optional zombie shooter that features a persistent class system, a huge selection of weapons, and some of the most interesting zombie designs I've seen in a long time. I don't know about you, but getting attacked by zombies with chainsaws is pretty unsettling, as you're usually the one wielding the chainsaw, not the other way around. 

Anyway, Killing Floor does a nice job of making you feel like a badass whenever you're killing hordes of undead, thanks to the addition of Zed Time that basically acts like bullet time, which is randomly triggered whenever a player does something "awesome".

So if you're looking for a great zombie shooter that doesn't waste time on fancy stories or emotional character development, and instead focuses on delivering an enjoyable zombie killing experience, then Killing Floor is right for you.

Killing Floor and all of its DLC is currently on sale for 50% off.


Number 13: Prototype 2 (and Prototype 1)

Okay, first off, let me say that the first Prototype is a shitty port that doesn't work for half of the people that bought it, including me. So do yourselves a favor and buy Prototype 2 instead if you absolutely want to experience the zany havoc that you can cause as a shapeshifting mutant god in an open world copy of New York.

Prototype 2 is currently on sale for 33% off. 


Number 14: Transistor

Transistor is one of the newer games I've made a video for, and I got to say this game has a very unique way of telling a story, in addition to an interesting combat system built around the turn mechanic that allows for strategic planning of your attacks. Overall, Transistor is a very unique game that oozes with personality.

Transistor is currently on sale for 10% off.


Number 15: Magicka

Magicka is the friend killing simulator where you play as a band of wizards, who are sent on a classic medieval adventure to save the world. It’s a story filled with humor, love, drama, friendship, deception, and plenty of explosions, so it’s almost like a Michael Bay movie. It’s only missing Megan Fox.

Regardless, Magicka is a game where you can combine eight different elements in order to create powerful arcane attacks, and because of the unstable and volatile nature of magic these spells won't discriminate between friend or foe, which makes for one of the most hilarious co-op games in existence. 

Magicka and all of its DLC is currently on sale for 50% off.

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Finally got Enslaved. Loving it.

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Yeah Enslaved is surprisingly good, plus you get Piggy's perfect 10 along with it :D

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