Splinter Cell Blacklist Preview: Single Player, Spies v Mercs 2v2 Gameplay - Premature Evaluations

Splinter Cell Blacklist is bringing back the challenge fans expect from a stealth game. The masochist in me cannot wait to make a Perfectionist difficulty walkthrough for SCB. The single-player portion of this was recorded on Normal. (Easy, Normal, Realistic, Perfectionist).

Spies vs Mercs 2v2 multiplayer gameplay starts @ 6:00

Spies vs Mercs classic mode strips multiplayer down to barebones hide and seek, changing the lighting through the multiplayer maps to favor spies, but giving the mercs flashlights to root out their enemies. 


Full Spies vs Mercs Classic 2v2 match vs the developers


Single Player Gameplay Playthrough - Safehouse

Solifluktion's picture

Somehow I can't help but notice factual errors or plain unrealistic stuff like Lybian rebels chatting away in english. Game looks great though.

indi's picture

I am hoping this will be more like SC3 again, Conviction was terrible imho.

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