Splinter Cell Blacklist Premature Evaluations

Splinter Cell Blacklist's single-player delivers an incredible challenge, and multiplayer's Spies vs Mercs mode is fun and unique, but can be extremely frustrating at times due to P2P hosting and zero skill-based matchmaking.

Single Player + COOP Review

Multiplayer Review

Solifluktion's picture

Great Game but too much Crossmediabullshit.

"Play the Iphonegame to unlock Item XY."

Fuck you!


But well, it went back to the glorious Chaos Theory Days....for the most part and that's what counts.

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@ Soli
What do you think of Double Agent was it better then Conviction

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Spies vs. Mercs your thoughts?

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I really liked the PS2 Version but I rather disliked the Nextgen/PC-Version. It just felt....weird. 

Conviction was fun, it just wasn't the way I expect a Stealthgame to be.

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