Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution First Impressions

Play here, for free! 

Scumbagb3n's picture

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I remember the original game- I haven't played that in ages. Thankyou for posting. Just pure awesome.


(No Homo)

Josh Kowbel's picture

The music is so damn catchy. I've been playing this for a couple hours, and I barely touch flash games nowadays. Thanks for posting this Semblance.

On another note, I would love to see John and Dan play this. Not enough WTFs in the world for their reactions I'd presume.

Goldteddy's picture

Dat Song :D

Sole Reason i got the Pink Taric Skin in LOL. . . .

What? No comment about this Weird game!? . . . .Bitch Please i watch Anime, in my book that's a normal game.

Kcire's picture

The original was the best flash game I've ever played, but this just blows me away. Lol! Thank you very much Semblance for this amazing review.

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