Mass Effect 3 Wiki: Contributor Roll-call

With Mass Effect 3's release date only a little over a month away, I am looking for contributors who are interested in helping out the game's wiki.


Anyone that is capable with the English language will do. 

What do Contributors do?

Contributors on this project only have two roles, to either research the game and post the collected information to the site. You compile pre-existing information that is released by reputable sources either on the Internet or magazines, and keeps an eye out for any new information that may surface. The collecting role of this process is, for the most part, the easier of the two. You are only required to post a clear and informative page on the subject(s) that you have researched. As a contributor, you are obviously not required to make thousands of pages, but the more the better.

Depending on the amount of people who are interested, dedicated researcher/poster roles may be available.

So there you have it! If you are interested in applying for a contributor position, either post a comment or send me an email at

L33to II's picture

Once the game is out I'll be happy to do pages on: class builds/guides, squad members, advanced combat tactics/tips, Insanity-specific considerations.

kwacka100's picture

Save room for me on upgrades, gun mods, store items etc.

bip267's picture

I can do plot, characters, tips, and other miscellaneous things that are needed. 

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

During unimportant classes and other free time I have I'd be glad to do grammatical corrections and tidy up pages. I'm not too good with in-depth information though.

brodyitis's picture

I'd love to help out. I can do weapons upgrade trees and other things.

RPGeesus's picture

How about cheeses? I know I got through a good deal of ME2 Insanity just by spamming Explosive Drones, or hiding behind cover, or literally running in circles. I'd be happy to put some in for the good folk, as well as maybe some class explanations and tactics.

Semblance's picture

Glad to have all of you onboard, could you guys PM me your emails?


Class strategies definitely fit into the wiki.

Greenman13's picture

Since no one has thought about it ill tackle the multiplayer. Im going for all the achievements might as well do a guide that covers the walkthroughs of the level, boss strategies, different classes, and the achievements.

bip267's picture

Just thought of something to add. I was thinking of putting character background information. I'm well versed in this area, since i have no life, and read mass effect stuff in my free time.

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