Mass Effect 3 Fan-made Trailer

As I played through Mass Effect 1 and 2 in preparation for the conclusion of the trilogy in March, I found myself admiring Bioware's excellent story-telling, which is miles ahead of most of the industry. It inspired me to create this trailer which (poorly) brings the story full circle, back to the initial moments of Mass Effect 1. Feel free to give criticism!

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Maybe a little overly simple? This probably isn't what you were trying to capture, but I'd love to watch a recap trailer of the main storyline in ME1 and ME2. Maybe even a "The Story Thus Far" series, split into different videos for the different major storylines; Main Story & The Reapers, the Genophage, Ashley, Liara, Garrus, Tali, etc. You can probably download all the cutscenes from YouTube. You should really make that. Send me an email if you want to do something like that, I think that could be big.

Anyway, your video gave me goosebumps, I'm so insanely excited for ME3. I think I enjoyed the story in ME1 better than ME2, probably because the brand new world was so interesting to learn everything about, and because there were less companions to distract from the main storyline, ME1 felt more focused.

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Thanks for the feedback John! I was trying to capture what an insane adventure Shepard has gone through, and the fact that it all started because of how he was chosen in the first few moments of the first game.

From what I've read, Mass Effect 3 will return to the more focused feel, and wider scope universe-wise that Mass Effect 1 had. How the companion system works is you get a pool of 6 squadmates to choose from:

  • Ashley/Kaiden
  • Garrus
  • Tali
  • Liara
  • EDI
  • Prothean

Scroll over last two for spoilers

and you get mission specific squadmates like Wrex and Legion.

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good work

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Good work, reminded me of Ender's Game a lot. You could probably remix this into a longer version with more dramatic music, as it has very trailer-esque qualities.

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Thanks Semblance for the mild spoiler. I felt that mass effect 2 was too linear and the planet exploring side missions were not as well done as the first, and the story was only getting squad members. I hope for an exploration filled game similar to skyrim but with much improved combat and story than the earlier mass effects. I try not to see too much hype and be disappointed but I's sure everyone will be looking foward to its release. 

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