Happy Holidays WikiGameGuides! and Year in Review

With the 2011 year rapidly coming to a close, I wanted to take the time to wish all WikiGameGuides members a Happy Holiday, and reflect on an incredible rookie year for the site.

This site's community, although miniscule in comparison to gaming juggernauts, has gathered some of the best character I have seen online. Whether you may be a reviewer, guidemaker, moderator, blog-poster, or forum browser, everyone is working towards a common goal-- growing WikiGameGuides. Just a year ago, John and Dan were basically running a two-man site that was NextGenWalkthroughs with the bulk of the site's content and traffic coming from the two. Fast-forwarding back to present day, this is still true to an extent, but the community has really taken hold of the reigns. With the creation of WikiGameGuides, there was a sudden influx of community guidemakers, and it became common for a game to have 3+ guides, most famously Dead Space 2's fourteen guides. 

With the site named WikiGameGuides, there's obviously a Wikipedia component to it. While it started out slow, the wiki's traffic spiked terrifically during the holiday season, mostly thanks to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wiki and its hardworking team. It received a tremendous amount of views even though it was made by a small team consisting of roughly 15 members and the project itself only started about a week before the game came out. Next year's first big project is looking to be Mass Effect 3, so if you are decent with the English language and love to help the site, take the time next year to write down a couple of notes while playing the game, and join the site's wiki team. It will be greatly appreciated!

Whoever you may be reading this, hopefully you will be here to stay. Happy Holidays everyone!

brodyitis's picture

I'll be looking to be on the Mass Effect 3 Wiki team.

Pavan's picture

I am happy to part of this community. Happy Holidays!

explicit_baron's picture

I'm one of the few people that contributes but, without guides. I'm glad I don't really have to since there are so many great guide makers on here keep up the great work people.

Milleniummaster18's picture

Cheers to the expansion of this small, but great community! The good kind of expansion, that is.

Joe Harris's picture

I haven't had much time recently but I've been moderating the site a little and hope to contribute some stuff eventually, hopefully this year I can get some guides going :D

XL_ARES_IX's picture

I'll be doing nothing, nothing but screwing around doing Let's Plays. Always easier that way =D. Might do Mass Effect 3 formal guide, hopefully people won't dog pile onto it. Happy New Year everyone, let the new year be as pointless and unfulfilled as the last one.

Joe Harris's picture

Amen Ares.

John Tarr's picture

Nice post Sem. I'll be writing up a few year in review posts too with a buch of site traffic stats, so stay tuned for that (wtf I've said like 20 times during podcasts & voiceovers there needs to be a better internet phrase for 'stay tuned'. Nobody under 20 even listens to the radio anymore, let alone has a radio that needs to be tuned with a dial).

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Congrats. I am recent fan of 2 chimps. I am basically all caught up on their podcasts. I am not really in to their game guides but I like watching the drink alongs. I really hope their youtube channels grow a lot more.

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WTF is that hairless thing in the video?!

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