Battlefield 3 "Caspian Border" trailer released

With the conclusion of the Battlefield 3 Alpha, we got a glimpse of how combat felt in Battlefield 3. Players only had the choice of Operation Metro, a map that mainly feature infantry vs infantry combat, which leaves fans wondering how the vehicular combat that the Battlefield series is famous for feels in Battlefield 3. 

Today, DICE has released a trailer that answers that question and leaves me sitting here with my pants dripping wet.

2 on 2 jet dogfighting, 3 tanks on each side, one attack helicopter, and multiple quad bikes. I have a feeling that Caspian Border will be a Engineer map. Just a hunch.

What do you guys think of this new trailer? Personally it leaves me incredibly excited, but I find myself asking again and again how DICE is going to balance the gameplay with so many different branches of combat. I guess that's why they're the developers and not me.

Also, if you're interested in the weapons and vehicles that are going to be in the game, check out the Battlefield 3 wiki on this site. I've nearly completed all of the Alpha weaponry and specialization, and will continue to update it vigorously as new information comes out.

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Very excited for Battlefield 3, I now have absolutely zero interest in Modern Warfare 3.  I'm looking forward to all the new vehicles and gadgets including that Wall-E robot

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Jesus that looks beautiful, am still gonna wait until its released to decide whether to buy it or not. But right now, it definitely looks worth it.

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I have complete faith in DICE when it comes to balancing the gameplay. They've never included a weapon or vehicle in their multiplayer that couldn't be countered. It's just the novice teammates I usually get stuck with that don't help me shoot down the choppers or counter-snipe the enemy snipers that frustrate me.

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This game looks better with every new trailer and piece of news that is released.

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@Boss Kowbel

It's kind of ironic how DICE manages to add so many branches to an already complex shooter while managing to balance the game, whereas Infinity Ward struggles to balance Call of Duty, where gun balance is the most "complex" system to balance.

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We can't say that Battlefield 3 is balanced, because the game isn't out yet, but I will agree that it's much more complex than Call of Duty.

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