Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is a game that resembles the movie. It has a long past and fans will no that the story line is the main theme in this epic series. I am a fan of harry potter myself and i have grown up with it over the years as im sure many people have and have also created an emotional connection to the characters, and to which they have bought this game straight of the shelf. If people do not no the series i advise you to take a break and whatch them from the beggining.

The game is more or less the same of the movie, but i am sure that whoever has seen the film no's that the game is missing some vital parts from the film but as we all no game interpritations of movie's are never completely the same for licenceing issues. This game is published by Warner Brother's and is rated 12. The story line in the game basically show's the main key parts from the original film e.g. The grin gotts bank scene with the dragon or harry walking to the forbiden forest to his death. But some of these parts are extremely of the point of the main film and do not contrast about what the key theme's are about. It just simply show's what is basically happening. The game to me does not show off the Harry Potter series to such a high standard as it does with it's box office hit films.

The gameplay is suprisingly different to other harry potter game's. It has a FPS feel to the game. It certainly has grown up in the sense of the older generation of the harry potter game's of running around doing quests which are not related to the story or barely related, it has a more linear feel but there is no quests apart from defending hogwarts with a more or less satisfying fight to the finish. it has a simple button system with the controlls always being reminded if you so wish them to. Tapping and double tapping the four coloured buttons to unleash a variety of spells is good and it does have a wide range of spells from close range, longe, exploding or multiple lock on spells, but some spells feel like they dont do enough for what they look like, e.g. the "Confringo Cast" is basically a RPG but for wands, it feels like a pulse of huge energy pulsing through the air and supposidly hitting your target with a boom and sending them flying to there death, but truly speaking it feels more like a small electric shock and sending them flying it just isnt satisfying enough. The "Exspolso Cast" on the other hand is a SMG for the wizarding world, it fires fast and basically destroys your opponent in seconds flat with a small burst but it does come with bad accuracy. It has a Gears of War like covering system which does feel familier with other game's and is slightly over-used now. it does have a wide varierty of linear missions with tackling police guards to killing giant spiders it does suprise you with what is coming next but when you play through the second time there is no suprise at all. It doesnt bring much replay value and has it has certain challenges but it is a fun game for a qucik play its time range's between 5-6 hour's of gameplay. The acheivements are easy to get i got over 70% of them in my first play through and during my second i completed them all.

The AI are suprsingly one of the hardest i have played against, they certaintly have their different types of enemie's which include:

  • Snatcher's
  • Deatheater's
  • Masked Deatheaters
  • Giant Spiders
  • Trolls
  • Dementors

They all have there difficulty range and they really do like flanking and putting pressure on you which makes the gameplay faster and alot harder as you go through each difficulty setting. They move quickly which make's you think of a stratergy and what spells to use during the game and using the enviroment which include's exploding lights to kill them of quickly and get throu