War of the Worlds - Reviewed

War of the Worlds, what can I say...never read the book but I heard it was good, saw the movie...that was shit so what can I say about the game, I can say that's it's one of the better platformers. You play as Arthur Clarke who is coming back to London to see his family and lover and all those folks when the martians invade. The story is told through the thoughts of Clarke who is voiced by Patrick Stewart who is both a great actor and voice actor. The game also has an unusual but interesting approach to the graphics, while everything man made is earth toned, matte and seems almost drawn or painted, the aliens are the direct opposite, that being shiny, slick, colorful and look more like a computer generated graphic. 

Now onto the gameplay, I will admit i'm not much of a platform gamer I stick mainly to FPS's but that being said this is still quite a hard platformer. It has all timing and running from dangers that you expect from a platformer but along with doing those well it adds in a few elements that not every platformer has, among which are multiple paths to take (not all of which lead you the correct way) and fairly difficult puzzles with no help at all; which I think is way to scarce is a lot of games today I prefer that to the all to prevalent put this lit up square shaped block in the lit up square shaped hole. Although I do give this game a lot of praise it does have one big flaw that is hard to over look., the controls. When it come to the controls I feel there could be a bit of improvement, for example, if you're running from a black smoke martian monster (which are in the game) if you have to grab on the the ledge of a floating platform it's very difficult not to smash your controller when you have to be perfectly under the ledge and jump straight up and if you go slightly forward you have no leniency for grabbing that ledge.And on to the wrap up, the part you actually read. 


  • Great and challenging gameplay(especially for an arcade title)
  • Interesting graphics
  • Great voice acting and integrating it into gameplay


  • Controls are very very strict (no leniency here folks)
  • Challenging especially for those not too familiar with platformers
  • Background music gets very very (very) repetitive

Final Verdict: 6.9 / 10

Final note, this is a very good game and would probably score higher if the controls weren't so difficult to deal with, but since that is a big part of a platformer I'm going to have to stick with the 6.99 repeating. 

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Good review, but I have some constructive criticism. Consider running your draft through grammar check. There were some punctuation errors that interrupted the flow of your paragraphs too. Other than that, nicely written. 

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