Rage - Reviewed

I don't know about all of you but before being released it seemed to me that Rage pulled a good amount of press. I recently picked it up after a small amount of research to make sure I was getting my money's worth...I should have done more research. This is not to say that Rage is a bad game but it's no Halo either. Rage covers all its bases when talking about a normal FPS, good AI, good shooting mechanics, and a variety of weapon variants to keep the game interesting...for a while. The only problem with these things are that almost every FPS has them now, none of those things are special to Rage. The weapons are interesting relying on a Bioshockesque ammo system that allows each gun to take on a different role or to be beefed up in power. The problem with the system isn't that actual weapons but the selection mechanic. The quick select weapon wheel only holds four weapons which leads me to wonder why they don't just go with a full wheel that fits all the weapons like resistance 1 and 3. As much as I'd like to keep going on I don't want just a wall of text for you all to read and the image insert freezes up my computer so here's the short hand:


  • Good AI
  • shooting and motion mechanics are good
  • interesting ammo types
  • good level design
  • really good facial animation


  • Weapon selection flawed
  • Missions get a bit repetitive cause of lack of enemy types
  • Ammo can only make guns so interesting 
  • Pretty generic shooter

Final Verdict : 7/10

Good enough to tide you over til the next big FPS release

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I like the style. You could use an image to give your post some life, but overall it's satisfyingly short.

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