MW3 survival mode - reviewed

Let me start off by saying two things: One, I love survival game types and Two, I'm normally not a huge fan of Call of Duty Modern Warfare titles, while they are great shooters they don't offer much variety when it comes to multiplayer and there always seems to be some balancing problems with the weapons. That's why in this review I've decided to restrict myself to Modern Warfare 3's new aspect the survival mode. First off, while zombies are fun to fight they don't quite hold a candle to enemy troops shooting back at you especially when those enemy troops vary from standard troop to dogs to suicide bombers to helicopters and so on and so forth. Also the way the weapons, equipment, and air support systems are done with unlocking new items as you level up should keep the mode fresh for a long time to come for those of us who don't marathon game for a week just to prestige 6 times before getting sick of it. Now I have a Chem Exam to take so here's the good part...


  • Variety, Variety, Variety holy fuck I have a lot of strategies to try.
  • Leveling to unlock items from the weapons, equipment, and airstrike boxes was a brilliant move for long term play
  • The small challenges for extra points are a great way to keep the challenges going even in the early rounds


  • Honestly I got nothing, I guess just that fact that it took them this long to catch on

Final Verdict: 9.6/10

Final note, this may seem either high or low to you reading but here's the break down. High- some out there may think that there is no way this mode can be a 9.6 but it is I've never played any survival mode like this especially with this amount of long term appeal. Low - I have said anything bad how could it not be a 10? nothing is perfect in this world that includes this game, sooner or later we will all get bored of this or glitches will pop up, just saying the facts here.

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It can't be as good as zombies and it is only two player. So I really don't care about this mode.

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Don't knock it before you try it. It brings a lot to the table that I think nazi zombies could learn from.

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I would say that the fact that it only allows two players would be a con, but that's just my opinion. Another good review. There are enough long form reviewers on this site. It's good to see something different.

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I did actually think about that as being a con, but since it is technically a part of spec ops which is and has been 2 player co-op i figured that's just how they role. And most of the areas in the maps that are good to hole up in are small, so with four people It'd be a cluster fuck.

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