Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition - Reviewed

Ok, so I'm not going to lie this review is a little odd because of the circumstances. It's a game we all played just remaster, new graphics, new sounds and redone music, ect, ect. Anyway regardless of being odd or difficult I still want to take on the task of giving my two cents. Good news everybody, it plays just like the original halo, which some might say needs some work to keep up with games now but personally I don't think any modifying was necessary, also with the new graphics and sound it makes the game that much more enjoyable. Also, the feature of switching between graphics is definitely a huge thing for those of you who would like to see how graphics have evolved and how 343 has updated the game. Now on to some not so positive points, first a small thing, the gravity in the game seems off. (leave a comment below if you have played and notice or would like to refute) When I am jumping I seem to take my precious time falling back down to solid ground. Secondly, the graphics, they aren't as high end as some of the games out there now but I didn't expect them to be, but there is a odd look to the elites and master chief that I'm definitely not used to, they also look oddly top heavy, like someone combined elite and spartan armor with the Gears of War guy's armor. that seemed lengthy next time just skip to this easy to read part...


  • same gameplay as Halo 
  • Nostalgia
  • new graphics and sound adds greatly to the game
  • (what I am now deeming) The awesome throw-back effect (press select)
  • Didn't mention this above but, great re-imaginings of 6 classic halo maps for multi-player


  • the odd gravity feeling
  • character models seem a bit off
  • crouch feature fucking annoying cause you leave crouch if you move too fast.

Final Verdict: 8/10 

Final Notes, if this were 2001 and the original Halo it would score high but we all have to keep in mind it is just a remake, some that Hollywood seems super fond of but something I hope does not catch on in the videogame world. Also the score might seem odd with so inconsequential Cons but see the statement above for the reason. 

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