Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Reviewed

Wow it's been a while hasn't it but not much has really come out since I last made a review, but anyway lets get to it. So I love games like this, games that focus on story as well as game play. Games that have stories just so they can produce more content (gear of war, Call of Duty, ect. ) get boring really fast. Just like the first, this game has a very unique way of telling the story, it does it in three components: 1. via the narration which in this game is done my a Rod Serling imitator. 2. by the game play. #. this is actually side stuff but still contributes to the story, the manuscripts, yep they're back. This game is fantastic, especially for an Xbox live title, it really set a new bar for what kind of game can be launched using the XBLA. As some of you know I'm not big into lengthy explanations more just listing pros and cons so here you are beautiful, beautiful lists...


  • Story is important (if you're into that thing)
  • Smooth mechanics, great fighting features
  • survival mode as well as story mode
  • set new bar for XBLA
  • much like Battlefield 3 it's basically a retail game just shortened
  • good amount of collectibles (if you're into that thing)
  • awesome sountrack


  • Not very challenging, concerning both enemies and ammo conservation
  • the above point also makes the story super short
  • manuscripts aren't necessarily found in order, the order is important
  • No co-op in arcade mode (I'm a huge fan of co-op, no arcade mode should go without it)


Final Note: I would have loved to give this game a perfect considering its super high quality especially for an XBLA title but the lack of challenge in the story really cuts it down not only because of the difficulty factor but because it makes the story mode super short, even if the game does have the Arcade mode to balance it out.

John Tarr's picture

"good amount of collectibles" as in, the insanely huge amount of collectibles in the first game? Or a more reasonable amount?

I think it's worth pointing out this game is $15 (1200 MS points).

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Nowhere near as much as the first game John

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Yeah it's just the manuscripts this time around, I think there is around 53 or 54 in the game total

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