F.E.A.R. 3 Review

Total Score : 75 out of 100

What you need to know so far:
In the groundbreaking release of F.E.A.R. you play as the protagonist simply called Point Man. You are recruited into a special unit First Encounter Assault Recon (aka F.E.A.R.) trying to figure out your roots  . You are recruited because of you amazing reflexes and speed. Your main antagonists are Paxton Fettel and Alma.

Paxton Fettel is commander in a government experiment testing psychic warfare. You are sent to kill this man because he has gone rogue. But is ultimately killed by Point Man with a gun shot to the head. But moments after he is killed, you as Point Man finally learn that you are actually brothers and your mother is none other than Alma!!! 

Alma is a psycho child in the first game and a teenage/young adult in the second. She is a psychic juggernaut and doesn't even get get near people in order to utterly destroy them.

In F.E.A.R. 2 you play as Michael Becket. A soldier that has enhanced reflexes just like Point Man. You are on a mission to kill Alma (of course). You end up fighting with all your might but in a bizarre turn of events Michael ends up getting rapped by Alma and impregnating her. Which kind of leaves you with a WTF look on your face at the end of the game.

In F.E.A.R. 3 you play as Point Man or Paxton Fettel. Your mission is to find the pregnant Alma and kill her and her child. The birth of this child is the last thing this world needs. Her contractions alone is slowing ripping our world and reality apart.


  • Nothing that is groundbreaking but definitively up to par.
  • A couple of textures take a little bit to load at some points but nothing that effects game play
  • There isn't a huge variation of character models
  • A good variation of locations but mostly is dark and full of grays and blacks.
  • The slow motion powers adds great moments with head shots and bullet wounds and the blood splatter is wonderful on the darker backgrounds.



  • Creepy and Spooky sound effects
  • Guns sounds actually feel like they do damage
  • Some of the A.I. decide to yell out what they are doing in the middle of a fight 
  • Point Man doesn't say a single word the whole game but everyone else's voice action sometimes feels a little over dramatic



  • The single player campaign feels to short but online and offline Co-op makes it highly re playable.
  • With 2 playable characters (after you beat the game or play online) changes things up and allows for a different style of play. 
  • Online decides to ditch the traditional forma of T.D.M and C.T.F. and goes with some original games modes. Like Run Like Hell which is a mode where you sprint through a map fighting enemies where you are running from a giant cloud of smoke and if any of your team mates get near it you lose. And of course like every game now and days it has a horde/nazi zombie type mode.
  • One downside to the online play is you need an online pass to get full access to all game modes.
  • Another downside is that the online ranking doesn't even go past level 30 which kind makes it end quick for those like me who like to get to the highest level. And you also gain rank from playing in single player.
  • A lot of spooks and scares get really old after 3 games. So don't expect to jumping out of your seats or getting any really jitters. There is only so many times that you can make spooky noises and moving shadows creepy. 
  • The enemies aren't nearly as difficult or as smart as past games.


  • For an average gamer it should only take about 6 to 7 hours to complete this game in single player. If Co-Op you can easily run through this game in 5 hours without breaking a sweat.
  • Answers a lot of questions left from the last 2 games including what happened to Michael Becket. But kinda leaves you wanting a better ending and a better final boss.
  • Multiple Endings and different views from two characters are a nice change of pace. 

Overall Review:

This game is a very solid title. It has a good story and very good game play but is short in most aspects. Controls are responsive and have a very fluid feeling. It fixes a lot of problems that the last 2 games had but still has a few problems of their own.  Graphics aren't amazing but definitely don't suck. Overall a good story with some lacking points but nothing you would want your money back for. I would have to say check this game out. Its worth your time. 


Total Score : 75/100
Rent or Buy?
If you are a fan of the series or played the last 2 games it is definitely worth a buy. But if you are a casual gamer this is one for the Redbox or Gamefly. Not worth the $60 price tag if you want a game with some length to it.

GuardianJosh's picture

While I like this game as well as the past 2, I don't think it's worth a buy. At least not until it hits $20 or less. WAAAY too short. I beat the game twice in 8 hours, once as Point Man and once as Fettel. And that was in one sitting. That 4 hours per playthrough. I don't play online, but I can't imagine it adding much more to the experience. Just rent it.

explicit_baron's picture

Nice review kind of generous but, I don't know anything about F.E.A.R. Keep it up.

Jevrio's picture

You don't seem to care much about the fact that game isn't fucking scary..

They took away the scary part, so more people have the "balls" to play it, so they sell more, I imagine. Well, fuck them. I won't but this shit. It's not even worth to pirate it. A waste of valuable HDD-space!

"If you are a fan of the series or played the last 2 games it is definitely worth a buy."

If you are a fan of the series (and)/or played the 2 previous games, you have the decency to NOT play this. The game is a joke.

Coop makes it replayable? Coop kills the last bit of scaryness there is.. kills the game. If you don't give a shit about atmosphere tho.. it might be okay.

6-7 hours.. is it that long? Just to test that I will (TRY) to play thru it. Unless the game sucks to tell you where the fuck to go, I don't think it should take more than 4-5, but we'll see.

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I said the average gamer will take 6 to 7 hours.  You obviously play more games than an average gamer so  it might take you less time. And i said in the review that it isn't nearly as scary as the past 2. And yeah co op kills the atmosphere but it does add replay ability.

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Lol don't worry Salient, Jevrio is always that subtle with his opinions.

Jevrio's picture

And you seem to just accept whatever the game producers decides to throw at you.

Salientfool's picture

No i respect the time and effort somebody put into making a game and if it is good i will commend them for it

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