Okamiden Review

      When Okami was for released for the ps2 many critics prasied its art design and its inguenious design of using the Celestral Brush for puzzle solving and combat. Though the game didn't sell well to know that it will granet a sequel. Though Clover studios try this franchise one more time on a dying system and the end result is Okamiden.

    The game opens with a recap of the events of the orginal game talking about the exploits of Amaterasu and how she save the world from monster Yami. Peace was returned to the world but nine months pass and a new evil arises and threatens the world of Nippon. Instead of Ammy coming back to deal with the new threat, her son Chibiterasu or Chibi comes to battle the new threat. The story follows Chibi and his new found partner Kuni son of the famous hero Susano from the first game, as the travel arcoss the region of Nippon as the rid it of the evil that taints that land. Though the story is very compleling, one problem is that the main story really starts to develop towards the end of the game. The game mainly develops stories with the major character/partners that you make bond with as you find out back story and purpose of traveling with you. All the characters are developed extermely well and some have emotional events happen to them. By the end you want to see what happens to these charaters.

       Those who never played Okami, the game can be summed up as playing Legend of Zelda. You have a massive overworld to explore, with towns, hidden secerts to find, temples to explore, and bosses to fight. The game itself will take you a good 20 hours to complete the main story, though there are sidequest that can be done and optional exploring to various areas to find secerts, hidden places, and treasuers that will bulster your play time. You begin the game as a pup with only the shelid as a weapon and the Celestral Brush technique to draw a Sun. As you go through the game however you get two other weapons with sets of upgrades and new brush techniques.

      If those that are new to Okami, the games draw is a thing called the Celestral Brush. Basically when you and to use it, the game will take a snapshot of the area you are in, and put it on a piece of paper where you can draw things on it to use the environment. You can draw circle in the sky and a sun will appear, draw a horizantal line to cut thing, draw a line from a water source to put out a fire or fill up a jar, the list goes on and on. Though you can do one technique at a time, and are limit to how much ink you can use at a time, and time you have to draw the thing you need to do. Using the DS touch screen to draw the various technique is easier to do then with a analog stick or using a Wii remote. The game still has a problem with trying to reconize what you are drawing and it won't take affect of what you want the game to do, but it isn't as bad as the console version.

      Even though the brush is the main thing that Okamiden has the new thing that they added is the ablilty to have partners to travel with you. Partners not only advance the story, but they help you in the games many temples for puzzle solving, and in combat. You have the ablility to drop your partner and control them to areas that Chibi can't go to activate switches or get items need to advance the area. You never have real control of your partner, instead you draw a line where you want them to go while you still control Chibi. This is where the game shines, when your solving puzzles when controlling Chibi and your partner as they make sure they don't die, push switches so they can pass through areas, or protect them from monsters as the grab an item. The back and forth in these parts are design very well where you never get annoyed or tried of them.

      Though puzzle solving is a main thing you do, your going to have to fight monsters. Combat its great but you get the feeling there should be more. When you fight enemies, you are closed of in this arena and to get out you have to kill all the enemies or break a wall to escape, though there are fights where you can't escape from. Combat basics comes down to mass the Y button to rapidly attack and depending which weapons you use you attack differenly. You can also the brush in battle which is necessary to actually do damage on enemies or get them in a weaken stat. Though there are many different types of enemies to fight after awhile it leads you to mash the Y button till they are dead. Partners will help you fight though you have to build up a combo for them to attack, you can never control when they attack. Boss battles happen during story events or at ends of temples are highlights of the game. They are fun to fight when you have to find the different ways to take down them down. Also you will need to split up with your partners and perform different things to deal major damage. They are challegening and at time exteremly long. The fourth boss in the game took a good 40 min to finally take down with his various forms.

        Okamiden presents is art design very nicely on the DS looking like its console edition. The game aims for a Japanesse painting look which pulls off very well. Even though it has the same areas to explore from the first game, there are new areas as well to see or the orginal areas have change the look or how you travel in there. In the orginal you can travel the main overworld with load times only happening when going into towns. But in the DS they beak it up into smaller chunks to explore which kind of a negative for the game, but for a massive world like that fitting on a DS card is a feat on its own and looks like the orginal. Famerate its solid for the most part, slowing down only when the games has to much on the screen. Music still amazing as the first game and character still talking in various nosies just like in Banjo Kazooie. Overall the game is a various treat for the senses.

        Okamiden may not be as great then the orginal but its a amazing sequel. For the price and the game length is a good value. The brush technique is still amazing as the first game, temples and puzzles are challenging and fun, boss that are the highlight of the game, and a epic a story to round out the package. The DS is one of the best selling systems around and even though that chapter of handhelds is about to close, Okamiden is the game fitting to send your system off with style.

Rating 9/10 

Verdict Buy

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